The Munchies Capitals Of America

These cities pack good munchies and cannabis culture together to make your 4/20 complete. San Francisco tops BuzzFeed’s list.

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Smoke and a pancake? Bong and a blintz? BuzzFeed broke down to best places to get high and follow it up with the best gourmet munchies.

We mapped out how The Daily Beast’s Pot-Smoking Capitals rank on Travel + Leisure’s list of the Best Cities for Foodies. The weed ranks we extracted were based on The Daily Beast’s “Pot Culture” statistic, using their overall rank as a tie-breaker. Below, our top five Munchies Capitals of America, in reverse order.

3. 5. Boston, MA

Boston’s weed culture is a 9/10, and they’re #23 on the foodie list.

4. 4. New York City, NY

No need to settle for Doritos when you’ve got an entire city full of world-class restaurants at your fingertips — there’s even a guide to the best stoner dishes in New York. Weed culture there is only 5/10, but the food is #4.

5. 3. Portland, OR

There must be some kind of magical air current on the west coast that mixes with the soil and makes the best herb — it’s very scientific. Weed culture is 9/10. Foodie rank is #6.

6. 2. Seattle, WA

Weed culture 10/10. Foodie rank #7. And home to the finest fish market in all the land.

7. 1. San Francisco, CA

The Mecca for cannasseurs and foodies alike. The city by the Bay sets the standard for cannabis culture with a perfect 10/10. They’re also #2 in terms of eats.

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