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The Munchies Capitals Of America

These cities pack good munchies and cannabis culture together to make your 4/20 complete. San Francisco tops BuzzFeed's list.

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Smoke and a pancake? Bong and a blintz? BuzzFeed broke down to best places to get high and follow it up with the best gourmet munchies.

We mapped out how The Daily Beast's Pot-Smoking Capitals rank on Travel + Leisure's list of the Best Cities for Foodies. The weed ranks we extracted were based on The Daily Beast's "Pot Culture" statistic, using their overall rank as a tie-breaker. Below, our top five Munchies Capitals of America, in reverse order.


4. New York City, NY

No need to settle for Doritos when you've got an entire city full of world-class restaurants at your fingertips — there's even a guide to the best stoner dishes in New York. Weed culture there is only 5/10, but the food is #4.

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