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5 "Game Of Thrones" Predictions From Past Seasons' Trends

The rise of the Lannisters, a decline in direwolves, and more — BuzzFeed analyzed the scripts from the first two seasons for indications of things to come.

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BuzzFeed collected and scrutinized every script from the first twenty episodes of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones. The goal: to find trends in the mention of Houses, creatures and other elements of the show in order to predict what's going to happen in the highly anticipated season 3, premiering March 31.

Why look into the flames when you can look at the data? Read on for some (spoiler-free) expectations!

1. More dragons, fewer direwolves.

Faithful viewers won't be surprised by the spikes BuzzFeed found in the mentions of dragons. Especially given the trailers we've seen so far, expect even more in season 3. On the other hand, white walkers and direwolves dropped off in season 2. While you can expect the mysterious humanoids from north of the Wall to play a bigger role than ever based on the end of season 2, direwolves seem to be on the outs with one dead and another lost in the woods.

2. A decrease in the influence of lords — and their swords.

We saw a decrease in the use of the words "Lord" and "sword" from season one to two. It can probably be explained by the increasing frequency of magical entities — swords and titles mean nothing in the face of dragons and walking corpses. Look for these drop-offs to persist as the fantastical aspects of the series gain steam.


3. "Wildlings" will be referred to by their preferred term, "Free Folk."

The term "wildling" has been used to define those north of the Wall 33 times so far in the show. "Free Folk" has been used once. We predict those numbers beginning to even out as Jon Snow gets up close and personal with Ygritte, The Lord of Bones, and Mance Rayder.

4. Fewer Starks, more Lannisters.

The mentions of House Stark started to fall off a bit in the second season (which isn't surprising after the loss of their patriarch). While they will still have a prominent role, the Starks may continue to lose the spotlight in season 3.

This paves the way for some extra conversation about the Lannisters and everyone's favorite abusive child-king. The pride of Lions has gone through peaks and valleys in the first 20 episodes, but they are due for another spike during the coming season.


5. And Houses Tyrell and Martell will rise (unlike House Arryn).

House Arryn has had its day. After a large role in season 1, the nobles of the Vale basically fell out of a sky cell. It's hard to see neurotic Lysa and whiny Robin stretching their wings and taking flight again.

There are a few other houses that we should see more of, particularly those of Tyrell and Martell. Margaery Tyrell was only a Queen for a portion of last season, but she's already in a new King's court and going for seconds. Expect the Rose's stock to rise along with the Lion's. Same goes for the Martells, since they'll be housing Princess Myrcella Lannister, much to Cersei's chagrin.