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What's Your Worst Experience As An RA In College?

They can never train you enough for the shit you see.

At some point during college, you either interacted with a resident assistant, or you were one yourself.

Maybe you were the RA to bust that party with 25 people in one room, which ultimately led to the arrest of the campus' biggest dealer.

Perhaps you were trying to help that resident who passed out drunk on the hallway floor, only to get a face full of puke.

Or maybe you were ~that~ resident who ran through the dorm lobby naked and jumped in the campus fountain, forcing your RA to chase after you.

Whatever happened to you, it was a good story. Tell us about your worst experience, as an RA or getting in trouble with your RA, in the DropBox below!

The best submissions could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!