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    23 Times "Riverdale" Made You Scream At The TV

    "Keep talking, Hal, and the next brick I throw may not be at a window."

    1. When Cheryl needed some more self-confidence.

    2. When Jughead said what we were all thinking.

    3. When Hermione Lodge truly wasn't playing.

    4. When Veronica celebrated living that ~PG~ life.

    5. When Cheryl confronted her dad about killing her brother. (try reading that sentence to someone who doesn't know the show)

    6. When "Dark Betty" was a thing.

    7. When Cheryl needed some ice for that burn.

    8. When Alice Cooper wanted to choose Betty's friends.

    9. When Josie stood her ground.

    10. When even Kevin had nothing to say in response.

    11. When Veronica did what Veronica does best.

    12. When Cheryl may have taken it too far... even for her.

    13. When FP Jones beat Alice at her own game.

    14. When Smithers told Veronica all she needed to know... by not saying much at all.

    15. When Penelope Blossom just couldn't hold back.

    16. When Betty got the River Vixens to abandon Cheryl.

    17. When Nana Rose was the most relatable character on the show.

    The CW

    18. When Veronica literally accused her mom of trying to kill of her boyfriend's dad and Hermione was having NONE OF IT.

    19. When Cheryl did her best Kesha impersonation.

    The CW

    "The party don't start till I walk innnnn."

    20. When Alice was 200% done with her husband's shit...

    21. ...and definitely wasn't sorry about it.

    22. When Kevin made some ~judgments~.

    23. And when Cheryl literally burned down her house.