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13 Things We Thought Would've Happened Before Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Became BFFs Again

No more "Bad Blood" between these two?

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ICYMI Katy loves Taylor again. She even went as far as changing the lyrics in her diss track, "Swish Swish."

Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Whether this is a publicity stunt to promote Katy's new album or not, it seems like it's happening and we are SHOOK.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Here are some things we thought would've happened before these music icons became BFFs again:

1. These would be popular looks...

Lionsgate Films

2. Everything would be ~chrome~!


3. Everyone would have a robot dog as a pet.


4. And robots would be cops too...

Orion Pictures

5. Everyone's cars would be able to do this:

Universal Pictures

6. And use one of these babies to get around.

Universal Pictures

7. There would be another ice age...

20th Century Fox

8. Inter-species marriages would be commonplace because why not?

Paramount Pictures

9. Communication would be a breeze.


10. Memories would never be forgotten.

Walt Disney Pictures

11. Smart phones would be passé-- everyone would live in a smart house!

Disney Channel

12. Dinosaurs would live among us.

Universal Pictures

13. And of course, food would fall from the sky!

Columbia Pictures

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