If The 50 States Were People At A Party

    It's a party in the USA.

    Texas: The bouncer.

    Indiana: The party host.

    Delaware: First to arrive.

    Georgia: Dies at the pregame.

    New York: The DJ.

    Massachusetts: The bartender.

    Maryland: Overdressed.

    Kansas: Dresses for the theme.

    Pennsylvania: Comes in pajamas.

    Mississippi: Takes off an article of clothing with each drink.

    Vermont: The hipster.

    Louisiana and Nevada: The beer pong champs.

    West Virginia: The keg stand record holder.

    Rhode Island: The wallflower.

    Alaska: The first to go home.

    Michigan: The first to throw up.

    Wyoming: The friend who holds hair back.

    Arizona: The first to fall asleep.

    Idaho: Leaves the party to get food.

    Wisconsin: The social butterfly.

    Tennessee: Flirts with everyone.

    New Jersey: The dancing queen.

    Alabama: Sings at the top of their lungs.

    Washington: Starts philosophical discussions.

    Utah: Starts roasting everyone.

    New Mexico: Tells everyone they're their best friend.

    Illinois: Always down for shots.

    Connecticut: The wine drinker.

    Minnesota: The beer drinker.

    Ohio: The vodka drinker.

    Kentucky: The whiskey drinker.

    South Carolina: The fun-but-sloppy drunk.

    Nebraska: The happy drunk.

    California: The fearless drunk.

    Arkansas: The emotional drunk.

    Montana: The lightweight.

    Oklahoma: The heavyweight.

    Maine: Sober.

    Florida: Blackout.

    Colorado: High.

    North and South Dakota: ~That~ couple.