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    Posted on Jun 21, 2017

    If Disney Songs Were Written By Millennials

    "I'll Make A Meme Out Of You"

    "You've Got A Follower In Me"


    Original: "You've Got A Friend In Me": A song about the everlasting love between a boy and his toys.

    Millennial: A loyal subscriber to the antics of your everyday life. Thanks for always liking my pics, Susan!

    "Under The Sea Of Debt"


    Original: "Under The Sea": An upbeat song-- an attempt to keep Ariel in the water and not leave the ocean for land and feet lol.

    Millennial: Two words: student loans.

    "I'll Make A Meme Out Of You"


    Original: "I'll Make A Man Out Of You": A song about training soldiers.

    Millennial: The innate ability for millennials to create a meme from literally anything. A👏 NY👏THING👏

    "Spoonful Of Avocado Toast"


    Original: "Spoonful Of Sugar": It "helps the medicine go down!"

    Millennial: Millennials just love anything avocado. Don't @ me.

    "I Just Can't Wait To Be Able To Edit Tweets"


    Original: "I Just Can't Wait To Be King": A portrayal of the coming-of-age of Simba into his role as ruler of the Pride Lands.

    Millennial: Hey Twitter, we just really need the ability to edit our tweets, ok?

    "We're All Ruining This Together"

    Disney Channel

    Original: "We're All In This Together": Yay team! Yay Wildcats! Yay spirit! Yay wholesome Disney movies!

    Millennial: Another skill that millennials have, according to everybody else, is that we destroy LITERALLY everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    "Contours Of The Wind"


    Original: "Colors Of The Wind": A romantic song where Pocahontas shows her love, John Smith, her way of life.

    Millennial: A romantic song about makeup.

    "I Wanna Be Lit Like You"


    Original: "I Wanna Be Like You": A song about an ape's desire to be human.

    Millennial: When your friends are out having a good time and you wish you were turning up with them.

    "Zero To Viral"


    Original: "Zero To Hero": "Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll." Go Herc!

    Millennial: When a tweet blows up overnight and you wake up in the morning to Twitter fame.

    "Can You Fix The Ice Cream Machine"


    Original: "Can You Feel The Love Tonight": Two lions that are in the love.


    "You'll Be In My DMs"


    Original: "You'll Be In My Heart": This song shows a mother's love whether she is your birth mother or not.

    Millennial: A booty call.



    Original: "Let It Go": Letting go of your fears, insecurities, and pressures.

    Millennial: Laughing my fucking ass off.

    "A Whole New Woke"


    Original: "A Whole New World": This song is about having a different perspective on life.

    Millennial: Stay woke, fam.

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