Jake, a 20 something year old straight male from England, blogs about university life and the debauchery that occur every so often... Read all about it at: http://factsandfriction.blogspot.com/ I'm a student at a UK university. I've just sta...
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  • Just how strong is that condom that’s been in your wallet for months?

    I’ve had a condom inside my wallet since December that’s started to get a bit tatty looking, and that got me thinking about how much damage these things could put up with. Don’t worry, I have had sex since then (thank Goodness!), it’s just been safe to not use condoms, or I’ve used condoms other than the one in my wallet. But I was wondering, if I did have to use this wallet weary condom, how would its strength have been affected? I’ve read people saying that wallets are a bad place to store condoms because of the possible pressure it puts the packets under, and I was starting to see that in these condoms. The foil wrapping had been dulled and the ring of the rolled up latex was visible through the packaging. Being a naturally curious chap, and bored of revision, I tried a little experiment. It’s definitely no Will It Blend? but all I had was a camping mallet left over from last summer’s festivals… Watch Video ›

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