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The Best And Weirdest Way To Memorize: The Memory Palace

A ancient study technique from a 2500 years ago that can dramatically improve studying and memorization skills. It was used by Cicero, a famous greek poet, to memorize his speeches, and medieval scholars to memorize entire books. It is also important to note that the world memorizing champions use this technique. Everyone and people with worst memories can learn this trick quick and easily.

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Memory Palace

The memory palace can be used to memorize lists, definitions, stories, and facts quickly in a way so that you never forget anything. The key to mastering the technique involves associating erotic, sexual, hilarious or dramatic stories, or pictures with what needs to be study.

Proving the Concept

Which sentence do you remember more?

1) I like to play complex video games, dance to jazz music, read narrative science fiction, run into bushes and along trees, and swim in mystic rivers.

2) At my house, elephants dance on naked women, giraffes fight with chocolate on their necks, pigs eat tiny puppies with a side of bacon, and strippers roll around naked in ice cream

Most likely you picked number 2. This is just to prove that funny, sexual and dramatic stories are easier to remember.

Remembering Speeches

Lets say I am a CEO of a company that gets paid to advertise products. The key to the company's success is using naked senior citizens as actors in commercials.

As a CEO, I have to address the media because of a scandal that happened in the company. The company got a lot of negative press because one of the actors "Bertha" died on the set. The press thinks I work my old naked models to hard in the production of commercials, which becomes a social problems in the public eyes.

The formula of my speech includes...

1) In my speech I want to apologize publicly to Bertha's family.

2) Then I want to insure to the rest of my naked models that such a problem wont happen again

3) At the end of my speech, I want to reflect on how great of a person Bertha was through a story.

a) I want to talk about the story when Bertha and I got ice cream together and she bought a sundae for a little boy, who did not have enough money.

In order to remember all these parts of the speech, I am going to visualize myself walking through all the rooms in my house, which lead to the kitchen.

First, I would open the door to my apartment and find myself in the front hallway, In my Hallway, I would visualize Bertha's family crying in a pool of tears. (This would remind me to apologize for Bertha's death)

Second, I would step into my living room, where I would visualize my workers doing snow angels on the carpet. I would then tell them to stop, or they are going to get rug burn. (This will remind me to tell my workers that what happened Bertha will never happen again)

Next, I will visualize myself walking into the kitchen, where the imaginary scenario in my head will end, and the speech will stop. Bertha will be in my kitchen completely covered in ice cream. (This will help me know when to tell the ice cream story)

These are weird examples, but I am just getting the point across.

Remembering Definition and Terms

The memory palace technique applies easily to remembering and understanding definitions. This approach is similar to remembering speeches, but less visualization is needed. You need a pencil and piece of paper. Then follow these steps.... or just think about the weird story in your head.

1) Write down the given definition of the word or ideology you need to study, and simplify it if possible.

2) Next reinterpret the definition in a dramatic, humorous, or sexual manner. (It really depends on what your into)

3) Now with that big and smart brain of yours remember the story. WOW! You not only remembered the definition, but you understand it.

4) This step is optional, but if you draw a hilarious picture to go along with the story you created it will help keep you entertained instead of bored.

I will now attempt to practice the technique by examples , which include our favorite cookie addict, "The Cookie Monster". Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Ex.1) Communism=A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

Ex.1 story) The Cookie monster is a communist, because he believes "Seasame Street" should have total ownership over all the cookies (property) and the labor of all bakers (Workers) in society.

Ex.2) Supernova (explosion of the sun) remnant= the gaseous debris, rich in heavy elements, thrown off by a supernova

EX.2 story) Cookie Monster eats way too much cookies, so his friends complain because his farts are like a supernova, which produces heavy remnants of methane (an element) and poop (debris).

This technique gets easier with very little practice. I am sorry for the weird examples

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