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Got A Headache? Here Is Some Natural Healing Remedies!

All to often, we as human consumers feel the need to use over the counter drugs to alleviate headaches. However, over the counter drugs are expensive and limit your body's natural ability to deal with such pain. Instead try these natural foods and ingredients.

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What are Headaches?

A headache is caused by congestion of blood vessels, which supply the blood to the brain. Muscular tension in shoulders,neck and head. Stress, tiredness, poor posture, low blood sugar, drugs, and eyestrain can also bring about headaches.

Instant headache cure with ginger.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines calls for ginger to deal with headaches. Eat a small piece of ginger root, or drink ginger tea. Ginger acts to block prostaglandins (fatty acids that stimulate muscle contraction, and inflammation).

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