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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Considered A Gentleman

Here are some simple things you can do to show that you are a gentleman.

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1. Wear a Bow Tie

Nothing says, "I am a Gentleman" like a bow tie. However, only a true gentleman can tie one. Clip bow ties are okay under certain circumstances, being if your running late or you run out of bow ties.

2. Hold the Door Open for Her

Always hold the door open for a lady, whether its a car or a building door. It is important to always smile and let her pass into the building first. If she thanks you, you better say, "Your Welcome". The only door I do not recommend is the bathroom door, which would be a little weird.

3. Be Kind to Older Woman

This is very important because being a gentleman is a top down process. This means in order to respect a beautiful young women, you need respect women of all ages like a grand mother, or mother.

This can be done by asking older women how their day is going? Do not be a weirdo and ask random people on the street, but instead do it in simple circumstances. For example when your in line for coffee, the grocery store, or you are just sitting close someone in the park, or when waiting for an appointment.

4. Simple Acts of Kindness

This is by far one of the most important traits a gentleman must have. Simple acts are everywhere you look. Whether its giving money helping some one who is struggling carry things, sticking up for someone who is treated unjustly, being a friend to someone with no friends, or helping a random person out with chores.

Even if the people act meanly towards you for trying to help, it is important to shake it off, and continue trying.

5. Respect Women

Every gentleman must respect women by not pressuring them, and not reducing them to stereotypes. You must also let them know you care at all time, be on their side in hardships, and help them solve problems.

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