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Got A Headache? Here Is Some Natural Healing Remedies!

All to often, we as human consumers feel the need to use over the counter drugs to alleviate headaches. However, over the counter drugs are expensive and limit your body's natural ability to deal with such pain. Instead try these natural foods and ingredients.

jakegeographic 5 years ago

The Best And Weirdest Way To Memorize: The Memory Palace

A ancient study technique from a 2500 years ago that can dramatically improve studying and memorization skills. It was used by Cicero, a famous greek poet, to memorize his speeches, and medieval scholars to memorize entire books. It is also important to note that the world memorizing champions use this technique. Everyone and people with worst memories can learn this trick quick and easily.

jakegeographic 5 years ago

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Considered A Gentleman

Here are some simple things you can do to show that you are a gentleman.

jakegeographic 5 years ago