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Is The Ending Of Allegiant THAT Bad?

I just can't believe it's all over... Warning: Spoilers Galore!

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So I finished Allegiant three days ago. I know you're probably thinking "Oh, you poor thing," or "I can not believe Veronica Roth would have it end like THAT!" Veronica achieved a literary feat with the ending of Allegiant. She successfully ingrained her books in the memories of the entire population of the world! (OK, maybe not everyone). However, the Divergent fandom is still in shock from Tris's death. But I think what made most of us cry were the details surrounding it.

Like the part when Caleb lays down his life in order to reset the memories of the members of the Bureau. I don't know about you, but that got me all choked up. It was at that moment when Tris was finally starting to be able to forgive him for what he has done. Maybe her and Caleb could have been civil again. We will never know for sure.

Let's not forget the timeline of the story. The three books don't span over some crazy long amount of time; it is rather short. Meaning Tris and Tobias had not had the chance to spend enough time together. They're painfully short relationship was marred by revolts and uprisings. They never really had the chance to calm down and spend time with each other aside from fighting for their lives and the lives of everyone they cared about.

Tris's and Tobias's relationship blossomed to its full extent just the night before her death. As they shared an intimate moment on the comfort of a couch, neither of them had any idea it would be the last time they would be alone together.

Another part that brought about emotion in me was that David, the man Tris had saved, was the one who caused her untimely demise. Maybe David truly believed he was ending "Genetic Damage" by trying to thwart her plan, or maybe he was still holding a grudge against Natalie Prior for leaving him, going against their plan, and marrying another man.

The epilogue was just as emotional. When I read "Two and a Half Years Later," I cried all over again. Just having to think how Tobias, Christina, Cara, and even Caleb had to cope with life without Tris saddened me. During the epilogue, Tobias shows his unfaltering love for her by fighting against his fear of heights to zip line through the city in order to spread her ashes.

Aside from Tris's death, I was also grief-stricken when Peter decides to reset his memory. He tells Tobias he wants to do this because he is ashamed of what he has done and wants to forget it all (even if it the coward's way of handling it). Uriah's injury (and death) happened so suddenly, but the suffering it caused the reader was eternal.

When Tobias says "I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last," it hits the readers like a tidal wave. Maybe that's why Roth decided to have a wave on the cover--because that's what hits you when you finish the book.

In the end, Allegiant IS fantastic and will prove to be a fantastic movie. Roth did an amazing job handling the events of her story. After all, it is her story. Like it or not that's how the book ends. It is obvious it is an astounding book or readers would not act out the way they are.

For Veronic Roth (if you ever see this): You did a fantastic job on all three books. The only reason people are reacting so boldly is because you did your job as an author--you made the audience passionate about your characters.

Thank you.

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