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    Here Is My Hercules Live-Action Dream Cast And No, I Will Not Be Taking Questions

    A fan-cast that can go the distance!

    While Disney's live-action remake of the beloved 1997 film Hercules may not have a release date yet, that's not stopping us from dreaming about who we want to see in these iconic roles!


    1. Tom Holland as Hercules

    Karwai Tang / WireImage, Disney

    This West End baby proved himself in Billy Elliott The Musical and, thanks to his work as Spider-Man, he's already got the whole clumsy hero thing down pat!

    2. Ariana Grande as Megara

    Steve Granitz / WireImage, Disney

    She's got the high-pony AND the vocal chops. Plus, she's already blessed us with an amazing rendition of "I Won't Say I'm In Love". This feels like a no brainer.

    3. Jon Hamm as Hades

    Toni Anne Barson / WireImage, Disney

    Jon Hamm has what it takes to pull off the slimy, hilarious skeeze that is Hades. Just look at his roles in Bridesmaids or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. All hail the king of the underworld!

    4. Marc Maron as Phil

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images, Disney

    I'll be honest, Disney casting Marc Maron in one of their films seems highly unlikely, but Phil is a crotchety guy, er...goat-guy? And Marc is as crotchety as they come.

    5. Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig as Pain and Panic

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Disney

    For an iconic animated duo, why not cast an iconic real life duo?! They've got the comedy chops, and are no strangers to wacky characters or voice acting. CAST THEM!

    6. Vanessa Williams as Calliope

    John Lamparski / Getty Images, Disney

    Vanessa Williams commands every bit of your attention, which is just what we need in Calliope. Plus, she's got the Broadway credits that prove a musical is right where she belongs.

    7. Janelle Monáe as Clio

    Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images, Disney

    If you had to have someone correct your pronunciation of the word "vase," wouldn't you want it to be Janelle Monáe? I thought so.

    8. Jurnee Smollett as Melpomene

    Samir Hussein / Samir Hussein / WireImage, Disney

    Jurnee got to showcase her pipes as Black Canary in Birds of Prey proving she's got the soul and sadness to really bring home The Gospel Truth II.

    9. Keke Palmer as Terpsichore

    Steve Granitz / WireImage, Disney

    Keke Palmer brings fun, spunk, and pipes to the table. What more could you ask for in Terpsichore?! Hire this woman!

    10. Lizzo as Thalia

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images, Disney

    While all the muses are fun, Thalia is undoubtedly "the fun one." Joyful, confidant, and a little horny; this is the role Lizzo was born to play. Don't get in the way of fate!

    11. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Zeus

    Axelle / FilmMagic, Disney

    Sure, Zeus is a musclebound daddy, but he's also kind of a doofus. When it comes to built, funny guys, there's no one better than Mr. Rock himself.

    12. Sandra Oh as Hera

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images, Disney

    Sandra Oh can do it all, so why can't being THE goddess of Olympus be next? She has the kind, ethereal quality we're looking for from Hercules' mom. Plus, she can bring the funny and the drama.

    13. Alan Tudyk as Pegasus

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Disney

    Alan Tudyk voices famous animal sidekicks, such as Pei Pei in Moana and Tuk Tuk in Raya and the Last Dragon. It's only right that he voices Peg Peg.

    14. And finally, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as The Fates

    Vera Anderson / WireImage / Jim Spellman / Getty Images / Mike Coppola / Getty Images, Disney

    Just admit it. You want it too. You see the vision!