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    9 Things We Want To See Addressed In "Steven Universe: The Movie" And Beyond

    If only we had future vision.

    Steven Universe returns to Cartoon Network on Monday, September 2nd with Steven Universe: The Movie, and there are a few things we'd like to see addressed in the musical and the seasons to come.

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    *****SPOILERS AHEAD*****

    1. Pearl's role on Homeworld

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    We know that Pearls on Homeworld function as servants to elite Gems, but just who did our Pearl belong to before finding her independence on Earth? We thought she belonged to Pink Diamond, but we saw what happened Pink's poor Pearl in "Together Alone." (HER EYE THO, WTF!!!) Then we thought that she belonged to White Diamond, but queen Rebecca Sugar herself confirmed that this is not the case. Who is our Pearl? Did she serve all the Diamonds? Did she belong to a different elite Gem? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!

    2. The treasure chest in Lion's mane

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    Steven has found a lot of things in Lion's mane: the VHS tape, Rose's sword, Bismuth herself; he even brings out an old battle flag from the rebellion to comfort Pearl in "Rose's Scabbard." But ever since this Pink Dimension was introduced in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" fans have been politely asking WHAT IS IN THAT GODDAMN CHEST?!?!?!?!?! Another gem? A weapon? A Cookie Cat?? THEY WERE DISCONTINUED!!!! SHOW US!!

    3. Lars' powers

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    Speaking of Lion's mane, Lars has a magical head of hair all his own. After being brought back to life by Steven (HE STRAIGHT UP DIED!!!), Lars' head is also a portal to the Pink Dimension. This shared trait with Lion begs the question: what else can Lars do? Lion can create portals, walk on water, and has roars powerful enough to knock Blue Diamond around. Does Lars share these abilities? Or have powers that are unique to him? Could his resurrection finally give him the emotional capacity to commit to Sadie??? WHAT ELSE CAN THIS BROODING BOY DO???????

    4. New fusions

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    It was all but confirmed during this year's San Diego Comic Con that we're going to be seeing some new Fusions in the Steven Universe movie, but who will those Fusions include? We've yet to see Bismuth Fuse with anyone. Are the Diamonds capable of Fusion? I think most of us would love to see Peridot and Lapis Fuse! And even though Peri hasn't been capable of Fusion in the past, we also didn't think she had any magic powers, but she's made metal her BITCH! Things can change! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!

    5. The return of Mystery Girl

    Cartoon Network / Via

    After Mystery Girl's first appearance in "Last One Out of Beach City", it was confirmed by storyboard supervisor and director, Kat Morris, that we'd be seeing this pink haired beauty once again. She was spotted in the background of a Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert in "The Big Show", but we hope that's not the last we've seen of her. Will Pearl call her now that she finally has a phone? Will we see her at a Sally's Beauty Supply buying more hair dye?? CAN SHE DO ANYTHING BESIDES BE MYSTERIOUS???

    6. Other Alien lifeforms

    Cartoon Network

    In the season 5 episode "Jungle Moon" it was confirmed that there are other, non-Gem, alien lifeforms in Steven's universe. Will we see more of them? Now that the Diamonds have seemingly been reasoned with, could there be a whole new alien race that threatens Earth? Do the Diamonds have any enemies? It's likely that the upcoming movie will set up a whole new arc for the series' future. Could it include more four-eyed or be-beaked creatures??? OR SOMETHING EVEN MORE SINISTER?!?! (I'm starting to feel like Ronaldo, tbh)

    7. The Human Zoo

    Cartoon Network

    After realizing what colonizing the Earth would do to organic life, Pink Diamond pleaded to the other Diamonds to help her preserve the human race. Blue Diamond, not realizing Pink's true intentions, created the Human Zoo as a means to placate her. But what happens to the zoo's inhabitants now? Blue was only keeping the zoo in operation as a means to honor Pink, but now that she understands that Pink is gone, will she let the humans go? Will they keep wearing their bitchin' gender neutral garb?? Will they all get therapists to help them understand the full range of human emotions?????

    8. All the Bubbled Rose Quartz Gems

    Cartoon Network / Via

    In the episode "That Will Be All" we see that the Diamonds have Bubbled all remaining Rose Quartz Gems. But now that everyone knows the truth of Rose's identity, what happens to all of these Bubbled Gems? Will we see hundreds of Rose Quartzes reintroduced to the universe? Will they now answer to Steven?? Or will they be like "Y'ALL HAVE ISSUES, AND WE'RE GOING TO NEED SOME SPACE, BYEEEEEE!"???

    9. Rose/Pink's role going forward

    Cartoon Network

    Speaking of Rose Quartz Gems.... Rose/Pink has driven most of the central plot of Steven Universe throughout its' first 5 seasons, but with all the big reveals and questions answered, what role will she play going forward? Is there more to be discovered about this morally questionable character? If she has less of a presence going forward, can we get a Rose's Rebellion spin-off?? WE WANNA SEE CRAZY LACE PLZ!!!!!!

    Steven Universe: The Movie premiers Monday, September 2nd on Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network
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