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    8 Disney Villains We Want In The Villainous Board Game

    Life's full of tough choices, in't it?

    If you're not playing Villainous you are missing out


    Disney and Ravensburger have teamed up to make a strategic, table-top board game in which you take on the role of an iconic Disney villain and try to carry out your devious goals, all the while trying to impede your competitors from achieving theirs. It's tons of fun and the replay value is remarkable.

    But which baddie will you be?


    Since its' debut in July 2018, there have been four expansions, introducing new and increasingly complicated villains to the series. The roster is already impressive, but here are eight more scoundrels we're hoping to see in the future.

    8. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles

    Walt Disney Studios

    Everybody's favorite villain-but-not-really-the-villain villain: Frozen's Prince Hans! While he's not the most memorable villain in Disney history, we sure would love to see Arendelle brought into the world of Villainous.

    Objective: Start your turn with Elsa captured and Anna under your influence

    Special Set-up: Place lock token on the Ice Palace

    7. Madame Medusa

    Walt Disney Studios

    This criminally underrated villain brings a lot to the table, not the least of which being two pet alligators primed to chomp up pesky mice and uncooperative orphans. Madame Medusa's track would have you trying to get Penny to do your dirty work, while simultaneously fending off a host of do-good-er creatures.

    Objective: Start your turn with the Devil's Eye on your side of the board

    6. Clayton

    Walt Disney Studios

    Tarzan's salt and pepper, square-jawed daddy is ripe for a Villainous expansion. Just imagine the beautiful jungle board, and cards like "They Took My Boot!" and "What About Bacteria?" Plus, with all of Clayton's machetes and muskets, it's sure to be offense-heavy play.

    Objective: Vanquish Tarzan from your realm while in possession of at least 5 gorilla tokens.

    Special set-up: Place lock token on Nesting Grounds

    5. Shan Yu

    Walt Disney Studios

    Arguably one of the more threatening villains in Disney's arsenal, Shan Yu's objective would seem rather easy: find and vanquish the emperor. Simple if there weren't hoards of heroes who would impede your progress, requiring you to defeat them before the Emperor could be touched.

    Objective: Vanquish The Emperor at The Palace

    4. King Candy/Turbo

    Walt Disney Studios

    The King Candy/Turbo/Cy-Bug monstrosity will haunt all of our nightmares forever, so it's only right that he join the Villainous ranks. Like Ratigan, he'd have two forms each with unique objectives. His decks would be full of special abilities; from re-writing heroes' codes, to Vanellope's glitch making her harder to catch, this is a villain we can't wait to play.

    Objective- King Candy: Start your turn controlling all four arcade game locations

    Objective- Turbo: Find and vanquish Princess Vanellope

    3. Queen Narissa

    Walt Disney Studios

    Sure, Enchanted is mostly live-action, but this semi-animated baddie deserves a spot among the wickedest. Plus, having both the realm of Andelasia and NYC could make for some very interesting gameplay!

    Objective: Achieve dragon form and vanquish Giselle at The Ballroom

    Special Set-up: Giselle starts on the game board and cannot leave Andelasia until Wishing Well is found and played

    2. Judge Claude Frollo

    Walt Disney Studios

    Frollo is a stone-cold freak and honestly one of the most upsetting villains in Disney history (we've all listened to "Hellfire." He's a creep!) Frollo's play would have a lot going on: moving Quasimodo around to unlock locations, searching for the Gypsy Pendant, and Phoebus switching from ally to hero if Esmerelda is in your realm. We can't wait!

    Objective: After unlocking The Court of Miracles, Vanquish Quasimodo at The Cathedral

    Special set-up: Place lock token on The Court of Miracles

    1. Oogie Boogie

    Walt Disney Studios

    I'm honestly surprised that this beloved bag o' bugs hasn't been introduced to the Villainous universe yet. There's a lot of fun to be had using Lock, Shock, and Barrel to do your spooky bidding, and why not throw in a pair of Oogie's iconic dice for some exciting games of chance? What are you waiting for?!

    Objective: Start your turn with Sandy Claws at Oogie's Lair.

    Special Set-up: Place lock token on Christmas Town

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