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    10 Things We Miss Doing At Disneyland

    The wait is almost over!

    Disneyland is finally set to reopen on April 30th, 2021 and we can't friggin' wait!


    There are so many things we've missed about The Happiest Place on Earth over the last year, but here are the top 10 things we can't wait to get back to.

    10. Taking the back seat on Splash Mountain

    There's nothing quite like sitting in the very back of the log on Splash Mountain and watching an unsuspecting family get absolutely DRENCHED. All that make-over money spent at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique washed away with a single wave. Thrilling!

    9. Birthday Button Fame

    Wearing a birthday button at Disneyland is basically like being a celebrity. Everyone wishes you a HBD, cast members give you free cake, and you can use it to guilt your friends and family into buying you presents at World of Disney.

    8. Getting absolutely sick to your stomach on Star Tours

    Scientific fact: every person who has ever ridden Star Tours has gotten sick. But Star Wars is just so powerful that we are more than happy to sacrifice our equilibrium to blast off into hyperspace, even if we have to close our eyes and remind ourselves we're just in a big, shaky box.

    7. Terrified children meeting Characters

    After waiting 45 minutes in line excited to meet Tigger, imagine a parents' surprise when their child has an absolute meltdown when they realize he's just a towering figure in a costume made of carpet. Sorry, Fantasmic, this is the show we came here to see.

    6. Laughing all the way to Hell with Mr. Toad

    Tired: Going to Hell in a hand-basket. Wired: Going to Hell in a lil old-timey car with your favorite amphibian. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is absolutely derranged and we can't wait to go to Hell over and over again.

    5. FASTPASS superiority

    Knowing how to maximize the benefits of FASTPASS is essential to a successful D-Land trip. There's no better feeling than walking past all the chumps waiting two hours in line to ride Indiana Jones, knowing you're just a little bit better/cooler/more important than them. Thanks, FASTPASS!

    4. Hating Cars but loving Radiator Springs Racers


    I'm not super into the Cars franchise because i'm not a six year old boy with no taste, but damn it if I don't love me some Radiator Springs Racers. It is what every storybook ride wishes it was. And I'm not too proud to admit that I love a stroll down the main drag of Radiator Springs, disdain for the films notwithstanding.

    3. The Haunted Mansion breaking down

    No one has ever made it through the Haunted Mansion without it breaking down and we wouldn't want it any other way. Half the fun of the ride is being stuck on an incline for five minutes while a cyclone of spirits swirls around you, and wondering if you've missed your reservation at the Lamplight Lounge.

    2. Scouting for Hot Disney Dads

    Sure, Sleeping Beauty's Castle is cool, but we all know the main attraction at Disneyland is all the DILFs walking around. I don't know what you use your autograph book for, but I use mine to keep a Daddy tally.

    1. Watching a couple fight and enjoying a Dole Whip

    Everybody loves a Dole Whip, and everyone loves to watch drama that has nothing to do with them unfold before their eyes. It's a perfect pairing. Post up on a bench with your icy treat and watch Melissa accuse Chad of not trying hard enough with her parents, only for Chad to admit he was happier before they were engaged. *Chef's Kiss*

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