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    The Evolution Of Kelly Osbourne

    We've loved you from the start! Proof that we can make it through the awkward years.

    Many of us were introduced to Kelly in 2002, the year God gave us The Osbournes

    MTV / Via

    At 17 she was dating The Used frontman Bert McCracken...which probably explains the following looks

    Getty / David Klein

    The 'punk rock where is waldo'

    Getty / David Klein/Stringer

    The 'punk rock at the office'

    Getty / Frederick M. Brown

    The 'fuck you with Avril'

    Getty / Evan Agostini / Staff

    The 'I crimped my hair when my bf wasn't around'

    Getty / Mark Mainz/Staff

    Bert cannot be blamed for this one if he was really out of town...

    Side note....the band-aid

    Getty / Scott Gries/Staff

    In 2003 she waged war against Christina Aguilera

    View this video on YouTube

    Kelly called her 'one of the most disgusting human beings in the entire world'

    She posed with a puppy

    Getty / Kevin Miller

    And more puppies

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    Bert and Kelly broke up and the crimp was put to rest

    Getty / Robert Mora/Staff


    In 2006 she went blonde and debuted a polished look at the Brit Awards

    Getty / Gareth Cattermole

    Things started to come together

    Getty / Michael Buckner

    In 2007 she starred in this uncomfortable UK ad for Woolworths

    View this video on YouTube

    ..and shocked everyone with her slim figure as Mama Morton in Chicago

    In 2008 she performed at Coachella

    Getty / Frazer Harrison/Staff

    She also earned third place on Dancing With The Stars

    ABC / Via

    ...despite this little stumble at the finale

    ABC / Via

    In 2010 Fashion Police happened and the rest was history

    E! / Via

    She turned into a masterpiece

    Getty / Jason Merritt/Staff

    A sorority girl posing MASTERPIECE

    ...and she walked a few runways

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    In 2011 she let Kanye sit with her

    Getty / Andy Kropa/Stringer

    ...and she laughed at him and elegantly held a Red Bull

    Getty / Andy Kropa/Stringer

    In 2012 purple happened

    Getty / Tim Whitby

    She got engaged to Matthew Mosshart and they look totally happy

    Getty / Christopher Polk/Staff

    A purple ray of sunshine

    Getty / Kevork Djansezian

    We salute you!

    BAM! HERE SHE IS NOW!!!!!!

    Getty / Tim Whitby


    Transformation complete


    Purple: For the hair, not the lips

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