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    Posted on May 9, 2013

    12 Reasons The Voice Couldn't Exist Without Shakira

    Perez Hilton has confirmed that Shakira will return for Season 6 of The Voice! We'll definitely miss her next season. Go enjoy being a mom!

    1. Look how cute her baby is

    2. Look AGAIN

    3. She has mastered the English language

    ...and added words of her own

    4. That's EXACTLY how I would do it

    5. Everything she says has a funny way of making sense

    6. She has a mean karate chop

    7. She holds her own against the boys

    8. All of her moods are GIFF-able

    I'm startled

    I'm intrigued by you (probably Josiah)

    I'm grumpy

    I'm awesome

    I'm disgusted

    9. Her excitement over Shrek

    10. She gives a cute thumbs up

    11. We are on the same wave length here

    12. We got a break from the fan waving (love you Christina!)