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    If You Don't Wear Glasses, Then You've Never Had To Deal With Any Of These Things

    You want to pick something up off the floor? Better not be wearing any spectacles.

    1. Not hearing someone comment on how blind you are 1,944,032 times a day.

    Jake Laycock / BuzzFeed / Disney

    I blame people who wear fake glasses for fashion rather than, IDK, seeing.

    2. Never having to hope you grabbed the shampoo instead of the conditioner or the back scrubber instead of the toilet brush.

    Twitter: @lcarg_ / Via Twitter: @lcarg_

    Maybe it's okay to smell bad today instead of choosing to be blind for 15 minutes.

    3. Not worrying about the hinges located on your face grabbing onto your hair and never letting go.

    Nagoua TV

    It's unnatural to have little door hinges adjacent to your eyeballs.

    4. Falling asleep wherever, whenever, without worry of breaking your $200 vision investment.

    Twitter: @lilshua / Via Twitter: @liIshua

    The need to pay extra on your insurance because your eye doctor is #3 on your speed-dial is real.

    5. Casually walking outside when it's raining without being blinded by something as common as a street light.

    6. Only having to worry about the few extra dollars to see a 3D movie, rather than whether or not the glasses will even fit over an awkwardly shaped face.

    7. Choosing to sit wherever you feel like in class because the distance between you and the board never hinders your education.

    Twitter: @hongstrashbin / Via Twitter: @hongstrashbin

    Never got to be one of the "cool" kids who sat in the back.

    8. Being able to see while running, peeling an orange, or any activity that causes you to work up a sweat.

    It might be hot if... #glassesproblems

    Not to mention worrying about your frames deciding to jump off your face mid-run.

    9. Walking from inside to outside.

    #GrowingUpWithGlasses going outside like

    No matter the actual weather, it'll seem as if there is a 100% chance of fog.

    10. Enjoying a roller coaster without the fear of saying, "bye, bye" to your visibility thanks to one of the 157 jolts.

    Rirai / Via

    One worry we all share is whether or not we were making the ugliest face when the ride takes our photo.

    11. Never having to experience people's sweaty, unwanted, grabby hands comin' in hot towards your face.

    Twitter: @ariznopertran / Via Twitter: @ariznopertran

    Is it too much for people to just ask before they steal your eyes?

    12. Sipping on some coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage willy-nilly.

    @swamprabbitcafe / Via, @meredyth2601 / Via

    Not to mention eating soup, opening a dishwasher, baking in an oven, boiling pasta, steaming veggies, or most importantly, opening the pizza box.

    13. Never having to worry about misplacing your ability to see, but also needing to see to find what you misplaced.

    chibbinal / Via

    Too many relate to Velma from Scooby Doo when she loses her glasses.

    14. Doing your eye make-up without having to choose between doing it blind or dealing with a man-made contraption set in front of your canvas.

    Light up in the Dark / Via

    Someone has had to invest in some "Magnifying Flip Lens Makeup Glasses" because that is what the world has come to.

    15. Never being told you'd be prettier if you chose to walk around blind.

    Twitter: @AbbieEvansXO / Via Twitter: @AbbieEvansXO

    It's even worse when someone tells you that your glasses suit you because you have really small eyes.

    16. Buying any pair of sunglasses you want rather than investing half of your 401K on prescription sunglasses.

    Twitter: @OhSampa / Via Twitter: @OhSampai

    Don't even get me started on transition lenses.

    17. Using Snapchat or Instagram filters without it looking like a ghost is standing about an inch directly in front of you.

    Twitter: @diego_salro / Via Twitter: @diego_salrod

    And God forbid you set up the new iPhone X Face ID.

    18. Watching Netflix or scrolling through Twitter on your phone in bed comfortably.

    #GrowingUpWithGlasses not being able to lay down without this happening


    19. Not having to worry that people can see what you're looking at on your computer.

    Twitter: @2bMccree / Via Twitter: @2bMccree

    Maybe you're shopping for presents for your S.O. and they're in the room with you. Get your mind out of the gutter!

    20. Or taking selfies...

    21. Putting on a face mask without having to make the decision of not watching House Hunters International for the next 20 minutes or possibly ruining your expensive frames.

    Took my glasses off to do a face I'm just sitting here like

    You can try to just listen but then when they choose the third house you won't understand why.

    22. Not having to worry about the thing that is suppose to remain on your face so you can see, constantly falling off of your face.

    23. And finally, being able to drive a car, walk from room to room, or just chill on your phone without having to wear something that protrudes from your face.

    Not everyone wants to wear contacts!

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