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    50 Movies You Forgot You Watched On Repeat As A Kid

    Kids movies use to be WAY darker.

    1. Oliver & Company (1988)


    Dogs and cats getting along? Pizza rat? Are animals way different in New York City?

    2. An American Tail (1986) and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

    Universal Pictures

    If someone told me when I was a kid that these movies had underlying themes of Jewish immigrants moving to the US, I'd probably say, "I don't know what that means, I'm five."

    3. Balto (1995)

    Universal Pictures

    If you didn't think this film was already inspiring AF as is, remember that it is also based off of a real-life dog named "Balto." Really makes you reflect on your life.

    4. It Takes Two (1995)

    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

    Just think Parent Trap but BETTER! Yeah, I said it.

    5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

    New Line Cinema

    Shout out to the costume designer that had to make four life-sized man-turtle costumes that could withstand kung-fu action.

    6. The Rugrats Movie (1998)

    Paramount Pictures

    You know how the super awesome parents in Rugrats often lose their babies in a contained house? Well, what if they lost 'em in a vast forest?

    7. Babe (1995)

    Universal Pictures

    Dear Hollywood,

    We need more pig-centered films please.

    8. The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

    Hyperion Pictures

    They made us FEEL for these inanimate objects, and then used that to make us CRY!

    9. Blank Check (1994)


    As a kid, the plot to this movie seemed like it'd be the best thing that could ever happen. It is not until you're an adult that you realize that this is just a movie about a crime.

    10. The Great Mouse Detective (1986)


    We appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch, but Basil's been solving crimes long before I even learned how to pronounce his last name.

    11. Pokémon: The First Movie (1998)

    OLM, inc.

    Name a sadder moment than when Pikachu watched Ash get turned into stone? Name. One. Sadder. Moment.

    12. Free Willy (1993)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    SeaWorld should take some notes from this movie  — LET YOUR WHALES GO FREE!

    13. Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

    Toei Company

    Witches are not all cauldrons and spells, they need regular jobs too! For example, running a courier service.

    14. All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)

    United Artists

    What kind of shady films were we watching as kids? This animated dog movie included violence, casinos, friends double-crossing one another, death, and Burt Reynolds!

    15. The Sword in the Stone (1963)


    Gandalf And Frodo = Walmart.

    Merlin and Arthur = Gucci.

    16. Rookie Of The Year (1993)

    20th Century Fox

    Are there age restrictions in the MLB? Apparently not! All you have to do it be able to throw fast.

    17. Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey (1993)


    OMG! Shadow's return over the hill remains the ultimate "wait for it" moment in cinematic history.

    18. The Rescuers (1977) and The Rescuers Down Under (1990)


    In the first one, The Rescue Aid Society saved a kidnaped little girl. In the second one, the R.A.S. saved a little boy and a rare eagle from a poacher. But don't worry, they're cute mice so it's for kids!

    19. The Secret of NIMH (1982)


    I'm just realizing how often early animation really utilized mice and rats. Did animators in the '70s-'90s just really feel like animating rats was the way to go?

    20. Little Giants (1994)

    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

    This film answers one of life's biggest questions, can someone enjoy reading AND play football? Turns out, yes.

    21. Flubber (1997)


    I'll never be able to unsee an anthropomorphic green slime dance to "Mambo In The Sky" for as long as I live.

    22. The Swan Princess (1994)

    New Line Cinema

    If you wanted someone out of your way and had the power to turn them into a swan for part of the day, why not just turn them into a swan for ALL of the day (AKA forever)?

    23. Mouse Hunt (1997)

    DreamWorks Pictures

    All I could think about as I watched two grown men destroy their business because they couldn't capture a mouse was, "Insurance will NOT be covering these damages."

    24. Benji (1974)

    Mulberry Square Releasing

    Benji saved two kidnapped children. My dog will purposefully look away from my direction when I call her name.

    25. Thumbelina (1994)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Her name is Thumbelina and she is "no bigger than her mother's thumb." I need a minute to process this.

    26. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998)

    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

    This monster movie switched things up by making werecats instead of werewolves, and having the zombies be good guys! Could have done without the Confederate soldiers though.

    27. The Black Cauldron (1985)


    Gurgi was both a beloved sidekick and also a character that made you feel very uncomfortable.

    28. The Rocketeer (1991)


    This and The Sound Of Music share one thing! Is it fun music? No, it's nazis.

    29. Richie Rich (1994)

    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

    Only difference between this and Home Alone is his parent's don't forget him every time they leave the house. Also, they're WAY richer.

    30. Rock-a-Doodle (1991)

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    The only way to defeat evil owls? The sun! Because then those suckers will have to go to bed!

    31. A Goofy Movie (1995)


    Max didn't have to go that hard when singing "Eye to Eye," but he did, for Roxanne.

    32. A Little Princess (1995)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    If you don't like children, then... I don't know, maybe don't be in charge of a boarding school? Just a thought.

    33. The Iron Giant (1999)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Can we give Hogarth some credit. At 9 years old he hid a 50-foot tall metal robot from a government agent. Is Hogarth really smart or is the government agent just not that bright?

    34. The Pagemaster (1994)

    20th Century Fox

    The plot was like an elementary homework problem but x1000 because it involved a wizard.

    35. James And The Giant Peach (1996)


    This film is the reason I'm hesitant biting into peaches. I just feel like there are little claymation bugs living inside.

    36. Madeline (1998)

    TriStar Pictures

    Who ever said nuns can't have fun? I don't think anyone's said that... but Madeline certainly didn't believe it to be true.

    37. The Prince Of Egypt (1998)

    DreamWorks Pictures

    Did DreamWorks read the Bible and think, "Why isn't this a movie?"

    38. Heavyweights (1995)


    Is there fan fiction that mixes Heavyweights and Dodgeball where Ben Stiller's character, that runs a posh fat camp, gets thwarted, and later opens up Global Gym?

    39. We're Back! A Dinosaur's Journey (1993)

    Universal Pictures

    Everyone knows that there were three types of cereal when we were all kids. There was the boring cereal that the adults ate, the delicious, sugary cereal that you wanted, and the cereal that turned good dinosaurs into evil dinosaurs.

    40. The Aristocats (1970)


    Being able to just lay in the sun all day, eat, and sleep? I do think "Everybody wants to be a cat."

    41. The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)

    Columbia Pictures

    Milo can live dangerously because he has nine lives. Otis, you have trouble breathing when you stand still, maybe don't go chasing after Milo.

    42. Napoleon (1995)

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    What I loved about Napoleon is that it is no stress. Napoleon wanted to explore the world, so he explored the world. He missed home, so he went home. I wish my life was more like Napoleon's.

    43. The Little Vampire (2000)

    New Line Cinema

    If your family moved to Scotland to live in a castle, then yeah, you're asking to run into some vampires occasionally.

    44. The Princess and the Goblin (1991)

    Entertainment Film Distributors

    We all know the three things needed to defeat evil: A song, the power of love, and a piece of thread... wait. Maybe the last part only applies to this movie.

    45. A Troll in Central Park (1994)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    If you're a troll and you get banished somewhere, you'd want it to be New York City. Lots of bridges there.

    46. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

    20th Century Fox

    It really is just the same plot as Avatar.

    47. The Fox and the Hound (1981)


    I love that classic childhood storyline of, "do I kill my best friend or not?"

    48. The Tigger Movie (2000)


    You felt the highs with "T-i-double-guh-er," and you felt the lows when Tigger realized he doesn't know who his family is.

    49. Cats Don't Dance (1997)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Danny moved all the way to Hollywood to try and make it and ALL the Keyboard Cat did was have a human hold his paws as they slapped random keys... tisk tisk.

    50. The Land Before Time (1988)

    Universal Pictures

    If you ever needed me as a kid, you'd find me glued to the TV wondering if Little Foot and the gang would make it to the Valley (even though by then I had seen the ending about 555 times).

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