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    Jenna Fischer Just Called Angela To Tell Her She Got A Role On Her TV Show And OMG I'm So Excited

    Real-life BFFs back on TV again.

    We all know Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, AKA Pam and Angela from The Office.

    Even though The Office has been off the air for 5+ years, the two have remained BFFs and will be back together on TV sooner than I could have hoped!

    Over the weekend, Jenna posted an adorable video to her Instagram where she calls Angela, plans a lunch with her, and then reveals that she's landed a role on the second season of her ABC show, Splitting Up Together.

    Angela’s daughter, Isabel, recorded Angela’s reaction and gave us an inside look at her tremendous excitement.

    The enthusiasm continued well after the call ended:

    My bff msjennafischer called me last week while I was in the grocery store parking lot. She asked if someone could film my side of our conversation... so my mind was racing!! And guess…

    Twitter: @AngelaKinsey / Via Twitter: @AngelaKinsey

    #officereunion on #SplittingUpTogether!! Me and @AngelaKinsey #bffs

    Twitter: @JennaFischer / Via Twitter: @jennafischer

    Angela and Jenna were not the only ones jumping for joy over this news.

    Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey are about to be on a show together again so I guess I know what I’m binging next.

    Twitter: @ashleyaliciar / Via Twitter: @ashleyaliciar

    Seeing them together again is giving us ALL the feels.

    jenna and angela on the same show again so many feels <3

    Twitter: @dkcmilla / Via Twitter: @dkcmilia

    This is the mini Office reunion we didn't realize was a possibility until now!

    Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are working together again. I’m not crying, you are.

    Twitter: @jaykayitsjules / Via Twitter: @jaykayitsjules

    Even though Angela and Pam may have had their differences, the Angela and Jenna real-life friendship is pure GOALS, and we are excited to see them back on TV together!