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    Updated on Nov 10, 2018. Posted on Jul 23, 2018

    19 Signs That Gen Z Is Living Two Steps Ahead Of Us

    Gen Z, who is she?!

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    1. They're out here getting 100k likes on Instagram while we are still excited whenever we reach double digits.

    Nagoua TV

    2. They've invented their own emoji language that even Detective Jake Peralta and the rest of the B-99 squad couldn't figure out.

    i love this emoji, is it happy? is it lowkey mad? is it planning to kill u? is it tired of ur shit? u never know / Via

    3. Gen Zombies would need 20 more lifetimes to watch all the new and somewhat weird content they have at their fingertips. Step aside Guy Fieri, Mukbangs are coming for your brand.

    Nikocado Avocado / Via

    4. While we're all still doing the "Cha Cha Slide" they've dabbed their way through every single wedding, graduation, birthday party, funeral, and bar mitzvah.

    u/mohit-pahwa / Via

    5. Their selfie game is on a new level while the rest of us are still startled by our front facing camera.

    shooting in hobby lobby is the new thing now am I right


    6. Their nerd side is always on display because they made embracing fandoms cool AF. They didn't choose the wizard life – it chose them.

    Twitter: @jwoodham / CBS

    7. They get to experience the '90s with dope-ass reboots like Will & Grace, Twin Peaks, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch, without the horrors of backwards jeans, butterfly clips, or chain wallets.

    starsberrisnunicorns / Via

    8. Parents can no longer use the punishment, "You're grounded," because their squad is already waiting for them at the Tilted Towers in Fortnite.

    @OpTicH3CZ This is legit me lmfaoo

    @tarik / Via Twitter: @tarik

    9. Gen Zucchinis are basically 98% plant based and living gluten-free and dairy-free lives, while the rest us are still eating iceberg salads.

    averagefairy / Via

    10. While the rest of us are still waiting 3-5 business days, they can order their Adidas slides and Pop Sockets from their rooms and both items will be at the front door by the time they get downstairs.

    me: one day shipping? amazon: say no more fam

    11. Gen Zebras have added a decade onto their lifespans since they don't need to watch commercials. Downside, is they lose 10 years scrolling for a show to watch.


    12. They have long ago discovered the holy water that is La Croix.

    @rakeem / Via

    13. Legs are so pedestrian with ubers, scooters, and boosted boards. Gen Zippers can get basically anywhere without putting their feet on the ground.

    When your Uber’s on the wrong side of the street.

    u/kavita0007 / Via

    14. With avocado toast, avocado ice cream, and avoca-donuts — They put the “do” in avocados.

    Netflix / Via

    15. They can find information on anyone, and they won't go on a date without knowing their mother's maiden name, Social Security number and favorite elementary school teacher.


    16. Meghan Markle isn't the only American royal they recognize — they've got TWO! All hail King Kylie!


    17. They made the journey to fame seem more possible than ever before. All you need is a yodeling skill and a Walmart.

    Sonell Official / Via

    18. They normalized athleisure for the rest of us even though you haven't seen the inside of a gym since the middle ages.

    19. And finally, Gen Zizzles have definitely evolved with the gene that allows them to make anything into a meme.

    My momma said your daddy ain’t in college, he in jail.

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