21 Foods That Did Not Come As Advertised

    Who is really to blame?

    1. This ice cream cone that asked its hair dresser to trim only an inch off the top:

    2. This popsicle that is really happy you're going to eat it:

    3. This chili-cheese dog that took it a little too seriously on the "cheese" part:

    4. This bread that understands no one wants a dried cranberry in their baked goods:

    5. This chip that can not live up to its birth name, "Tostitos Scoops":

    6. This popsicle that was woken up too early from its nap:

    7. This pizza that is trying to escape:

    8. This sandwich that is 99.9% bread:

    9. This ice cream cone that is having a rough day:

    10. This sponge cake that doesn't deliver on its promise:

    11. This frap that is 67% whipped cream to help put you into a sugar coma:

    12. This sandwich that is only cheesy AF during the first bite:

    13. This candy that looks like Captain America just got out of an intense battle:

    14. This little pizza bagel that is dryer than the Sahara:

    15. This risotto that is still healthier than most anything else I'm eating:

    16. This taiyaki that gives you more than you pay for:

    17. This pizza that is great for anyone who really likes thin crust:

    18. This sandwich that looks like it was smooshed by a tractor:

    19. This cheesecake that tries to give you some variety in each bite:

    20. This popsicle that is the stuff nightmares are made of:

    21. And finally, this chicken that says it's actually cooked, but is it really?: