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There's A Fuckless Labour Supporter On Facebook And She's Brutal

Charlotte Marion Smith is a Facebook user who's experienced a new fame from her rants, interactions, and summaries of encounters with the "Tory woman" in her local town.

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Firstly, let me say...

Charlotte is amazing. Not many people have the balls to literally write shit about the Tories on social media, not with all of the opinions out there, but Charlotte does, and I respect that.

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who,however,has never learned how to walk forward

She even has a collection of Corbyn tees

Not too far... AT ALL

Did I mention the "Tory woman"?

In her University town, which I won't name, there's a woman that Charlotte had an encounter with... for wearing this:

Said Tory woman claims that Charlotte is offensive, and harassing her.

And boy did Facebook see it.

The woman thinks Charlotte is more left than Corbyn :-/

Facebook: charlotte.smith.52012
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You can add Charlotte on Facebook!

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