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10 Must Have Hairstyles For Men And Women (NO PICTURES)

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1. Crew Cut

Let me start off by saying I couldn't figure out how to get pictures into this article. I tried really hard but it just wasn't working. I'm sorry. I hope you still enjoy the article.

2. Bob

A bob is longer in the front and shorter in the back. Not front like in front of your face but front like the side part of your face. Where the hair ends. It kind of goes up then down and then back up. Like bobbing for apples. That might be why it is called that. This would be easier with pictures

3. Pixie Cut

Close your eyes. Picture Jennifer Lawrence. But specifically Jennifer Lawrence when her hair looked like this. I'm looking at the picture right now and I wish there was some way to have you look at it too. She's wearing a black dress. Maybe that isn't important. Google "Jennifer Lawrence pixie cut" it is the second picture.

4. Mohawk

My tech savvy friend Damien was going to come over today and help with this but then he bailed on me at the last minute. His mom is in the hospital so he had to go deal with that.

5. Jheri Curl

One time in middle school I watched a movie in Spanish class and one of the characters had a jheri curl. I forget what the movie was called. It was the guy who worked at the auto shop, though. The plot might have been that he was dating a high schooler even though he was older. The main plot was she might not get to have her quinceanera. Anyway, the haircut is curly on top.

6. Beehive

Beehive's don't look too much like real beehives with bees in them. It's tallish. And round but not like a sphere. Like a 3D oval. This would be so much better if there was a picture I could show you.

7. Flat Top

I hope Damien is done at the hospital soon. I really need to check my email but I don't know how Outlook works.

8. Dreadlocks

Think of tubes coming out of someones head. Hair tubes. Basically.

9. Mop Top

The Beatles had mop tops. You've heard the Beatles right? Of course you have. Have you heard about how Paul McCartney has been dead for a really long time and they got somebody to replace him. Pretty crazy stuff. I can totally forward this email I got about it to you once Damien gets here.

10. High and Tight

Damien just called. His mom passed away.

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