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What It's Like To Explain To Someone That You Have Never Been Abroad Before

Because let's face it, not all of us were lucky enough to have that study abroad experience in college. Some of us had jobs.

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So you are the only member of your friend group to have never been out of the country (gasp), and although you act as though this does not bother you, it clearly does.

And despite this being of noticeable concern, when you and your friends get together the conversation almost ALWAYS seems to turn into a disgusting recap of their adventures abroad.

Unsurprisingly, this never sits well with you.

The regular occurrence of this unnecessary trip down memory lane produces a vast range of emotions, the most prominent of these being...

But you do your best to hide that this conversation upsets you.

*cue feigned interest in and excitement for what they are saying*

However this, as always, does not last long. You try to change the direction of the conversation without being too obvious about it.

You, of course, are very obvious about it.

Due to your seemingly unfounded desperation, all eyes turn to you. And then the question you hate...

"Where'd you study abroad?"

You think about lying, but you can't. Put on the spot, you come up with the best answer you can.

"Wait, you've never been abroad?!"

It may not seem so, but you are suppressing unimaginable anger and a deluge of tears.

Suddenly, you seem to be the most popular you have ever been in your entire life. They find your unhappiness utterly facinating.

You now know how Britney circa 2007 must have felt.

You do your best to actually explain why you just couldn't make it happen, why you really couldn't give up your minimum wage income to spend thousands of dollars in Europe. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be getting it.

I enjoyed being able to afford eating regularly, thank you very much.

Your explanations have turned into just the same old rant that not one of your friends can relate to. In fact, from the looks on their faces, they seem to be questioning your sanity.

Ultimately, you give up.

Some things just cannot be explained.

The conversation moves on to other things, and although you are frustrated because, yet again, you were unable to really explain why you never went abroad, you comfort yourself by imagining how the conversation should have went.

Until next time!

And you remind yourself that one day international air travel will no longer be out of your reach.

Soon, Europe. Soon.

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