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The 23 Stages Of Seeing The New Transformers Movie

From someone who wishes they could get those 2 hours and 45 minutes back.

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1. The movie begins. Mark Whalberg invades your pupils, and despite your knowledge of how long this movie is going to be, you think that his piercing stare and incredible arms will be more than enough to get you through the experience.

2. Of course, your confidence wanes rather quickly when you realize that he's supposed to play Nicole Peltz's father. Really, casting director?

You feel like you're being messed with, like you're a participant in some weird Freudian experiment, because in the back of your mind you wonder, "Why do I keep thinking they're a couple?"

8. And then suddenly...

YES. RESOLUTION! And the concerning return of even more Freudian musings. When did Nicole Peltz get a boyfriend? Why does this movie feature what appears to be some sort of sick love triangle? But you don't reflect on these questions too much because you've just been through a lot.

9. Anyway, since its been at least 90 minutes and the action seems to have ended, you naturally begin getting your stuff together to leave.

But the dialogue continues. Nicole Peltz is still crying about something. You know in your heart of hearts that this is not over.

14. HA! NOPE! They go to CHINA. Mark Whalberg, how did you end up in China?

You ask this question in a state of delirium. You feel he may actually respond. Meanwhile, the people to your left and right give you a side glance. Maybe you didn't ask that question in your head like you thought.

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