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Which Member Of Haifa 2016 Were You?

If you're taking this quiz, you probably enjoy contaminating the food of kids with Celiac, roasting the shit out of people, or straight up embracing the cult. In 9 short questions, find out who you are in Haifa 2016.

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  1. What color crocs do you have (assuming Ben Levin hasn't stolen them)?

    Light Blue
    Mint Green
    Pale Pink
    I don't wear those ugly ass shoes
    I wish I had crocs :(
  2. Who's your shower buddy?

    Hannah Severyns
    I shower so late I don't even need one
    Boi I'm in the mir rn
    Hannah Siegel (who's always bailing on my ass)
    Anyone who will sing with me
  3. Who did you want to hook up with?

    Shower shitter
    Either Simon or Aaron Norton
    Anyone that has me on a list
    The country of Israel
    Max Levitt
    Anyone that can sing
    I only need my friends :)
    Boi, I'm still in the mir rn
    I have a boyfriend at home
    Just happy sleeping alone :')
    I'll take anyone I can get
  4. It's time for Aruchat Boker! Where are you sitting?

    Anywhere but with this cabin
    I don't really care. As long as I'm with my friends.
    As long as I get salad bar, I don't care where I sit.
    I eat with Paula Kaye (and sometimes Haifa) in the mir
    I'm small, so I can squish to sit on a bench
    Next to a counselor to speak Hebrew
    I have other options if I don't make it to the table.
    I have to sit across from Naomi
    You guys can't just save seats. That's not how it works.
    If I'm not on the end, there will be blood.
    Back to the wall next to Naomi
  5. What's your favorite part about Shabbat?

    The boys
    Catching up on my reading
    My goldfish
    Going to Haifa
  6. What's your bra size?

    Weird question, but whatevs.

    A, but you can't play soccer with huge boobs
    A, but my "ass" makes up for it
    B, but you think they're bigger because of the olympic shirts I wear
    B, but only because I do gymnastics
    B, but Simon doesn't mind
    DDD, but you don't know that because I only wear baggy t shirts
    DDD, but you can't tell because I always wear a sports bra
    I'm personally not comfortable sharing that information
  7. What's you Rosh name?

    Rosh Jugs
    Rosh Comedian
    Rosh Smiles
    Rosh Confusion
    Rosh Mesibah
    Rosh Info
    Rosh Bitch
    Rosh Mom
    Rosh Honorary Member
    Rosh Toaster
    Rosh Sleep
    No one gave me a Rosh name :/
  8. Favorite Lifeguard?

    Jack (Chad)
    Evan Richter?
    Any that plays good music
    The one with the tatoos
    I silently admire all of them
    How could I decide?
    The nurses at the mir are dope as fuck
  9. What food did you bring to camp?

    Why bring food when I can steal it?
    Bread from the chadar
    Werther's Originals
    Cheetos and Swedish Fish
    Goldfish, chips, and bagels
    Laffy taffys and seat salt/vinegar chips
    Pop Tarts and Chex Mix
    Sour Patch Kids
    Chex Mix and Parmesan Goldfish
    Takis, Swedish Fish, and Goldfish
    Tater tots?
    Beef Jerky and so much fucking gum

Which Member Of Haifa 2016 Were You?

You got: Maddy Flagg

You are known for your water challenge bathing suit and your shirts with words on them. You love to sing every second of the day (especially House of the Rising Sun.) You set the alarms to wake up in the morning and so you were the one to blame when Vamos a la Playa went off 5 times before 7:15 am. You are the butt of most jokes but that’s ok because it takes you longer to get the jokes than the rest of the girls! You lived it up in Kitah Aleph and you knew absolutely no Hebrew and had no intention of learning it. You are the beef jerky supplier of the cabin and the introducer of MAX. Your Rosh names suits you more than anyone else's does but you are ok with that! keep on, keepin' on, Future Famous!

Maddy Flagg
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You got: Naomi White

ou're an excellent water skier and you befriend every lifeguard you meet. You are the only culturally diverse one in the cabin because of your 1/800 on your leg. You're hilarious, also wildly possessive, aggressive, and you think a lot of things are dank. Your camera memory is all used up because you document everything on your camera and then get really emotional about camp. But then snap out of it because it’s OSRUI. You hate/love to get into political talk and will roast anyone's opinions. You earned the most points for Haifa because you made more moves on Simon than he did on you. You also kissed Aaron, so... You love to talk about not having grandparents and how much you love June and Marshall and how they are senior citizens! Keep making suicidal jokes honey, we love you!

Naomi White
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You got: Hannah Severyns

Your kindness hides your sassy remarks, but you were too nice to answer the big question of: Now or later? You had a cute thing with Isaac and you sorta got us a point so that was nice of you! Your biggest secret is your bald spot and that is the only thing you are embarrassed of, not even when you got burned in the face by a flaming marshmallow. Your childbearing hips are almost as good as your muscular arms (xoxo Joey) You don't really care what others think and so you just say what's on your mind. Your Rosh name doesn't give you justice but we will work on that! keep on dancing at the migdal!

Hannah Severyns
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You got: Rachel Severyns

You're actually a robot and you have guys writing you love songs left and right (or maybe just Reed Brockstein. Idk). By the way, do you wanna go on the migdal? YOU KISSED A SHOWER SHITTER WE GET IT! Honestly you're so funny and your bug impressions are the best. But you are also alwayyyyyyysssss confused and don't really know what's going on at most times. You have a huge crush on Max Gendler, and you’re not shy about it at all. You are quite open and you will joke a lot that you are gonna kill your self even though you won’t because then you could never marry Spencer, or Brandon, or Max Gendler, or any of the life guards. You are great at making up songs with Maddy about 2 specific people in a canoe… oh don’t forget, you kissed a shower shitter! You are also probs with Naor right now.

Rachel Severyns
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You got: Hannah Siegel

You're the juvenile delinquent of the cabin, honestly girl, put your tongue in your mouth! (dylan) enough said. You are basically the Rosh of mosh and a spirit leader (but I guess that didn't happen), your best friend is Lily, you love adventure and you don’t want to ever leave mosh. You didn't have a real bra until the age of 15 even though your boobs trippled in size but no one could tell because of your sportsbra. You were the first one to have your first kiss with Ethan, you have the messiest bed and Aedyn hates you for it. You also look like a native american with your braids and will give anyone a full blown explanation of NFTY if they ask you about it. also, you loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee potato chips and contaminating the food of kids with Celiac ;)

Hannah Siegel
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You got: Natalie Rudman

You are easily the smartest person in the cabin. You don't know what "dank" means and you just love to give out your opinions like they are candy, and you will defend your honor until the end ;) You also love to share books and recommendations to everyone around you. Your favorite thing to do is actually sleep during minucha and wear your Olympic t-shirts and talk in Hebrew even if it isn’t necessary. Your favorite topic of conversation is ice skating and BBYO. You also love to give lectures about why you should not throw out batteries!

Natalie Rudman
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You got: Emma Steinberger

Hellllooooo Rabbi's daughter! You know everyone at camp because of your mom and you were practically born at OSRUI. You're actually pretty nice despite your Rosh name and you are always around to help people with their problems! But you also will roast anyone that is irrelevant and you don't give a damn about it after. You have an incredible body and you love to show it off in your itty-bitty bikinis at the lake with all of the hot lifeguards ;) You are a great dancer but your singing is ehhh. you had a fun little summer fling with Max until he went all skrt skrt an your ass, but whatever you earned us a point for Haifa anyways so thanks!!

Emma Steinberger
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You got: Aedyn Gorenberg

You might just be the sassiest of the Haifa girls... although sometimes you get a little emotional, (especially when it comes to missing your dogs and fam), and you definitely don't give a fuck about anything or what anything thinks of you (considering you're a "boss ass bitch"). You like to act as the cabin mom and you're basically in charge of keeping Hannah Siegal on task and organized. You always know what's going on especially when we're going to the pool, and you're totally into lax guys (aka Joey Harris and Canadian Liam). You're also quite the comedian and know how to made everyone laugh even at their lowest points, and most of the time you do this by making weird dinosaur noises and roasting people from other cabins. You are well liked by most people at camp and your hair is definitely bigger than all of the rest of the Haifa girls futures!

Aedyn Gorenberg
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You got: Anna Shabelman

So apparently you're in Haifa now, so I guess you'll be in this quiz. Most people think you were a tifi, but they tend to forget that you were actually in Gesher (ohhhhhhhhh. riiiiiiiiight.) Once your kidney exploded in the Portillos bathroom but it's "no big deal" and most people don't know that. You're kidney problems don't define who you are though because you're a strong individual and obviously you're the nicest one of the group since you don't judge (even though the rest of Haifa likes judging tifis). You're one of the nicest people in the group (except for when you decide to bitch out your friends in the middle of lake Lac La Belle) and everyone admires you not only for your cousin, but because your super fun to talk to, you're super good at making songs about boats and you're terrifying sailing experiences, and you're just an overall relatable person!

Anna Shabelman
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You got: Alana Coffman

You're the life of the party, and you're not afraid to speak your mind. You care more about your eyebrows than you do people. You cry a lot, but you're actually one of the strongest bitches in the cabin and you're not afraid to fight anyone. You are strong both mentally and physically because you play maybe every sport and love to show off your skills in knockout. You're most likely sitting in the back corner with Aedyn at night and complaining about Jerry, camp, and other people. Roasting people is your hobby and if you don’t like someone, they know. You never bring your own stuff to camp and always end up borrowing from other people, and your shit is always a mess — but not as messy as Hannah's. You have a great taste in music if you like to go hard and dance and you love to jam to MAX. Keep FSU!!!

Alana Coffman
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You got: Madison Kaiz

You're the definition of silent but deadly. You're super shy around people you're not close with, but aren't afraid to talk shit behind their backs to your close hoemies. You're not afraid to take a risk and videotape the hottest counselor in camp without him, or your friends knowing. Once you get to sleep, you won't wake up. Whether it's services or breakfast, you will probably be wrapped in your blankets until the bell and will sleep through anything since your counselors and friends can't ever wake you up. You're good at comforting your friends and have a huge heart even though sometimes you need a little bit of comforting for yourself. You're not afraid to be different, yet you fit right in with the rest of Haifa. Even though you may think some people don't like you and have a specific set of close friends, you're overall well liked by all of Chalutzim since you're one of the funniest, most underrated Haifa girls.

Madison Kaiz
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You got: Sophie Phillipson, Sarah Levin, Devra Lewin, or Rachael Mackenzie

So apparently all the tifis were put in one category, so I guess they're prob less relevant to the rest of Haifa. Sorry bud. Maybe try the Akko quiz or some shit like that. This quiz was prob to cliquey for you anyways. Best, Jad (quiz editor/publisher)

Sophie Phillipson, Sarah Levin, Devra Lewin, or Rachael Mackenzie
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