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Which Adler Family Member Are You?

In 10 short questions, find out what member of this family represents your ass?

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  1. You have $30 to do whatever with. What do you do with it?

    Spend it on college shirts
    Spend it on toys
    Save it in a jar
    Buy some Lou La Rou
    Replace my blue Puma socks
  2. You're in a store. Where do you go first?

    Like Target or something

    Look for food samples
    Look around the entire store just in case
    Go wherever Jad goes
    Look at sweaters
    Go straight to the dollar section
  3. What's your dream school?

    Like Harvard or something

    University of Wisconsin- Madison
    University of Michigan
    Colorado State University
    Drake University
    Ithaca College
  4. What's your favorite Adler family dinner?

    Like in terms of food

    Mac n Cheese w/ salmon croquettes
    Tofu anything
    Chikki Chikki Parm Parm
    Nothing. I'll make my own food.
  5. What's the biggest issue in the world?

    Idk. Like maybe war?

    The decaying environment
    Donald J Trump
    Sibling abuse
    Too many schmucks
  6. What do you do in your free time?

    When you're not doing schoolwork of course.

    Organize my notebook
    Lift weights
    Make BuzzFeed quizzes
  7. What's your favorite music?

    Aside from Rabbi Rudolph's electric guitar playing

    Rock n Roll
    Folk music
    Neil Diamond
    Twenty One Pilots
  8. What catch phrase are you known for?

    Aside from "shut up you guys!"

    "I call shotgun"
    "I'm in track"
    "What did you do differently?"
    "That's my line"
  9. Who's gonna win March Madness?

    Kansas always chokes

    The New England Patriots
    Morshet Ma'arav
    Whatever Jake says
    What state is Drake in?
  10. Which boy is the cutest?

    Like we're talking NJBs and beyond

    Adam Levine
    The new Spiderman
    Nick Robinson
    Geoff Adler
    Sony Oliff

Which Adler Family Member Are You?

You got: Geoff Adler

Who let such a perfect specimen into the family? You're so sexy only because you lift weights, you're a stocky bald guy, and because you know how to talk your way into free shit. You know absolutely everybody on the planet, and will not stop at having a 10 minute conversation with them no matter how much your family might be waiting for you. You also have a tiny bladder.

Geoff Adler
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You got: Wendy Adler

Hi mom! You are a hard working, lovable mother with an admirable passion for the pets. You hate Trump, and you don't have a ton of -isms. You're a typical Jewish mother, but that's why we all love you.

Wendy Adler
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You got: Elana Adler

What a g. You got Elaanqua. You're into EDM, the environment, and picking on Grace. You follow your twin, Jad, just about everwhere, but that's alright because you don't fight with him. You're into cute Jewish boys, and that's one of the best parts of life. You love OSRUI, BBYO, and NFTY, and thats all pretty nifty.

Elana Adler
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You got: Jake Adler

You're the Jaddy of the family. You love NFTY, running, and college shirts. In fact, Target is your favorite store. You like spending your free time making BuzzFeed quizzes, being Jewish, and thinking about curing cancer or being NFTY president (one day).

Jake Adler
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You got: Grace Adler

You love toys. That's right. If you're at a store, anyone can find you in the dollar section, seeking out a fidget cube or some slime or something like that. You love dogs and being dramatic. OSRUI is your passion, and you love stuff and things.

Grace Adler
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