These 31 Fan Reactions To The New "White Lotus" Episode Are As Funny As They Are Spot On

    "At this point all the dead bodies in that beach better be every male character at that hotel."

    The weekend may be over.

    @evanrosskatz / HBO / Via Twitter: @evanrosskatz

    But at least we can still ride the high of last night's new episode of The White Lotus.

    So here are 31 of the best tweets about Episode 3 of everyone's favorite Sunday night show:

    1. Some couldn't help but notice that the dynamic between Harper and Daphne felt eerily familiar.

    @tevofragallo / NBC / Via Twitter: @tevofragallo

    2. While others are obsessed with the show's fashions.

    idk what to do with this information #WhiteLotus #princessdiaries2

    @tay_tweets_ / HBO / Disney / Via Twitter: @tay_tweets_


    I love so much about season two of #whitelotus, but all I want to talk about is Aubrey Plaza’s outfits.

    @kimbermyers / HBO / Via Twitter: @kimbermyers

    4. We may be three episodes in, but the new theme song is still hitting.

    Me in front of the TV tonight when White Lotus starts

    @Elix_9 / Via Twitter: @Elix_9


    In this house we don’t skip the White Lotus Intro

    @martinincolor / Via Twitter: @martinincolor

    6. And we learned there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Daphne.

    She would win the Survivor season based on #WhiteLotus season 2. The mind games and power plays she’s making in the shadows, I live.

    @danbrierley11 / HBO / Via Twitter: @danbrierley11

    7. A lot of viewers are in loveeee with Albie.

    Why are all the men on white lotus TRASH but him

    @heyjaeee / HBO / Via Twitter: @heyjaeee


    I’m sorry but if this man was all over me on a vacation in Italy I would not leave his side #TheWhiteLotus

    @cosmokatelyn / HBO / Via Twitter: @cosmokatelyn

    9. Buuuuuuut, others aren't sold.

    Y’all are clearly missing the point Albie = incel he’s the “nice guy” who thinks he should get the girl bcause he’s not like “other men” but his thinking towards women is just as sexist it shows how it’s changed by juxtaposing his views through his father and grandpa #whitelotus

    @JerbearFreeman / HBO / Via Twitter: @JerbearFreeman

    10. Jennifer Coolidge continues to be a queen.

    Embarrassed by how much I relate to Tanya McQuoid #WhiteLotus

    @Bex_Long / HBO / Via Twitter: @Bex_Long

    11. While Aubrey Plaza's "Harper" is proving to be the everywoman.

    Me: I wish we had more couple friends Me watching #WhiteLotus and realizing I'm Aubrey Plaza's character:

    @soniamariesays / Via Twitter: @soniamariesays

    12. Personally I'm all in on the hotel's manager.

    Valentina is the moment. Do not cross this bitch. She will cut you down to the bone. A true Italian woman through and through. #WhiteLotus

    @RudeRugg / HBO / Via Twitter: @RudeRugg


    pov: you're the best and sweetest person on the white lotus s02 so far.

    @Dhanush747 / HBO / Via Twitter: @Dhanush747


    That hotel manager adding their names to Dominic’s room… #WhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotus

    @JoshMcVa / Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @JoshMcVa

    15. The homosexual vibes did not go unnoticed this episode.

    @cfree94 / HBO / Via Twitter: @cfree94


    @ConnorMMalbeuf / HBO / Via Twitter: @ConnorMMalbeuf


    @buckIeydiaz / HBO / Via Twitter: @buckIeydiaz


    when Cameron and Ethan end up fucking on White Lotus

    @Z_ninetales / Via Twitter: @Z_ninetales

    19. But some people are too stressed to enjoy it.

    if harper and ethan don’t make it out of #WhiteLotus unscathed i’m rewriting the whole show

    @fifthtrya / Via Twitter: @fifthtrya

    20. Is everyone having such a weird time at this hotel???

    i'm the one guy at the white lotus who isn't going through an existential crisis. i'm just ordering a hot dog off the kids menu and then doing a big cannonball into the pool

    @ben_rosen / Via Twitter: @ben_rosen

    21. Sure, the men of White Lotus are hot, but Aubrey Plaza is literally right there.

    i watch white lotus for the plot. the plot:

    @aubreypretzels / HBO / Via Twitter: @aubreypretzels


    no thoughts just aubrey plaza in the white lotus

    @harperspiIler / HBO / Via Twitter: @harperspiIler

    23. Speaking of the men on this show...

    every time a man speaks on the white lotus

    @trshboatasswgn / FX / Via Twitter: @trshboatasswgn


    how tf in the span of two episodes did cam go from “daphne had an emergency caesarian and almost died and it made me realize just how precious she is to me” to “everyone cheats on their wives, grow up bro” #WhiteLotus

    @SarFuhrmeister / Via Twitter: @SarFuhrmeister


    at this point all the dead bodies in that beach better be every male character at that hotel #WhiteLotus

    @xela_manrique / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @xela_manrique


    Men before they say the most atrocious thing ever #TheWhiteLotusHBO #whitelotus #TheWhiteLotus

    @giselleb1234 / HBO / Via Twitter: @giselleb1234

    27. This fan has a very interesting theory about Tanya's husband.

    Greg left town (to create an alibi) because he hired someone to kill Tanya, that’s why he was so angry she brought her assistant. #WhiteLotus

    @melissaj312 / Via Twitter: @melissaj312

    28. While this one has a casting suggestion I think we all need to take very seriously.

    Lindsay Lohan for WHITE LOTUS Season 3, obviously.

    @evanrosskatz / Via Twitter: @evanrosskatz

    (We're in the Lohan-aissance after all!)

    29. But some people just want to enjoy what a well-made show it really is.

    @ConnorFinnegan / Via Twitter: @ConnorFinnegan


    Mike White knows exactly what he is doing, 1960's Italian new wave L'avventura with Monica Vitti (yes who Jennifer Coolidge referenced in ep 1), and S2 ep3 of White lotus with Aubrey Plaza, this scene is shot for shot. Perfection #whitelotus

    @LachyW2 / Cino Del Duca  /HBO / Via Twitter: @LachyW2


    Loved the Antonioni L'Avventura reference in The White Lotus, tonight. Exact same filming location in Noto, Sicily #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    @leecurreri / Cino Del Duca /HBO / Via Twitter: @leecurreri

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