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    This Viral Meme From "The Last Of Us" Is The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Week — Joel Is All Of Us

    Leave it to the internet to turn a poignant moment in our favorite zombie show into the funniest meme of the week, LOL.

    In this week's episode of The Last of Us, Joel (Pedro Pascal) has an apparent anxiety attack (you know, because of zombies, postapocalypse, trying to STAY ALIVE, etc.), and it left an impression on the show's fans.

    Joel having a panic attack and holding his hand to his chest and leaning on a pole

    And of course, the internet wasted no time taking the scene and turning it into a hilarious meme that I honestly can't get enough of.

    So I rounded up 23 of the best tweets that are all so funny and maybe a little too relatable, LOL. Here's what I found:

    Also, give a follow to all of these funny folks! They're doing the Lord's work.


    #TheLastOfUs Joel having anxiety attacks while the world collapses around him and while he’s trying to do a job is extremely relatable.

    @tauriqmoosa / HBO / Via Twitter: @tauriqmoosa


    me every week after an episode of #TheLastOfUs

    @awantobreakfree / HBO / Via Twitter: @awantobreakfree


    @heartimecia / HBO / Via Twitter: @heartimecia


    Worst person you know just made a very good point

    @studioanisa / HBO / Via Twitter: @studioanisa


    Me trying not to say “Angela Bassett did the thing” to everyone I see

    @MaxCrumm / HBO / Via Twitter: @MaxCrumm


    When you step on your puppy’s paw and can’t explain to him that you didn’t do it on purpose

    @fckboyseatpizza / HBO / Via Twitter: @fckboyseatpizza


    @beccaedav / HBO / Via Twitter: @beccaedav


    @bb_apes / HBO / Via Twitter: @bb_apes


    Me after saying "No worries if not" yet again

    @KrisWall84 / HBO / Via Twitter: @KrisWall84


    @ysabellesua / HBO / Via Twitter: @ysabellesua


    Walked through Times Square without getting harassed by a Free Comedy Show guy

    @djkevlar / HBO / Via Twitter: @djkevlar


    Me after experiencing a minor inconvenience

    @edzitron / HBO / Via Twitter: @edzitron


    Meredith Grey leaves Grey’s Anatomy tonight after 19 seasons of nearly dying via bomb and mass shooter and plane crash and drowning and being attacked by a patient and hospital fire and giving birth in a power outage and Covid

    @justinkirkland4 / HBO / Via Twitter: @justinkirkland4


    "I'm sorry the ice cream machine is broken."

    @AndyLunique / HBO / Via Twitter: @AndyLunique


    @LeBlancWes / HBO / Via Twitter: @LeBlancWes


    When I want to sit on my couch but I put all the unfolded clothes on the couch

    @JenniferJokes / HBO / Via Twitter: @JenniferJokes


    @alex_abads / HBO / Via Twitter: @alex_abads


    [Missed call from: Supervisor] "Call me when you're back. Just wanna have a quick chat about something."

    @TheDailyStoic / HBO / Via Twitter: @TheDailyStoic


    When your kid eats the leftovers you were thinking about all day

    @JordanMaison / HBO / Via Twitter: @JordanMaison


    me when you you you when you when when wheeen when when you whENNN

    @sairaspooks / HBO / Via Twitter: @sairaspooks


    Me when all the youths want to stand in line for another ride at Disneyland after we’ve been at the park for 10 hours

    @_EMMinem / HBO / Via Twitter: @_EMMinem


    When you realize The Last of Us Season 1 ends in less than 3 weeks

    @DomTheBombYT / HBO / Via Twitter: @DomTheBombYT