The New Trailer For "The Flash" Has Fans Extremely Divided Over Supporting The Film And Its Star, Ezra Miller

    From conversations around separating art from the artist, to whether or not cancel culture actually exists, fans of The Flash are more divided than ever.

    During the Super Bowl on Sunday night, a new trailer for the DC Comics film The Flash hit the airwaves and caused quite a stir on the internet.

    The new movie is set to bring Michael Keaton back as the Batman we knew and loved from the 1989 cinematic classic Batman.

    A close-up of Michael Keaton's batman

    And it will also bring Sasha Calle's Supergirl into the DCU.

    Sasha leaning up against a desk in a scene from the film

    But the excitement surrounding this summer sure-to-be blockbuster has been a bit dampened for some by the film's star, Ezra Miller.

    They have been at the center of ongoing controversy during the past year, following two arrests and multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior ranging from assault and harassment to burglary and grooming minors.

    A close-up of Ezra slightly smiling while wearing a t-shirt and a blazer

    Miller's actions have left many fans conflicted about whether or not they want to support the film by buying a ticket, while others just want to go see a movie they've been excited about for years. All of this has led to conversations online about separating art from the artist and whether or not cancel culture actually exists.

    Here's what Twitter had to say:

    These fans were very much not on board with the film getting released.

    Not to rain on everybody’s parade but it’s kinda weird how many people are ignoring the fact that neither Warner Bros. nor Ezra Miller themself has commented on their two-year-long reign of terror around the world that involved assault, burglary, and kidnapping/grooming minors

    @ZoeRoseBryant / Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant

    Ezra Miller seeing everyone forget what he did cuz the Flash movie trailer 1looks good

    _brixks_ / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @_brixks_

    I don't care how many Batmen you stick in one movie, I'm never going to be able to watch that thing without "remember when Ezra Miller choke slammed a women and groomed minors" at the constant forefront of my mind.

    @ashleylynch / Via Twitter: @ashleylynch

    While some seem to have changed their minds after seeing the trailer.

    Trailer kinda won me over tbh, also this shot of the Flash ring is dope

    @TheQuiver_ / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @TheQuiver_

    Can’t believe I’m about to say this.. But The Flash movie just topped my most anticipated movie of the year it genuinely looks GOOD

    @PridefuISin / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @PridefuISin

    Why on earth would they STILL release The Flash movie after everything Ezra Miller has- *watches trailer Ohhhhhh

    @cameron_kasky / Via Twitter: @cameron_kasky

    Now I know why they didn't cancel the Flash movie... It was because the people who worked on the film behind the scenes for too long deserved to be seen and credited for their amazing work on the film! 😤

    @WebHeaded_Josh / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @WebHeaded_Josh

    Others simply can't contain their excitement.

    @DCComics This is what everyone wanted Multiverse of Madness but wasn't. The Flash, best movie of 2023.

    @Sharito742 / Via Twitter: @Sharito742

    Fuck everyone who's hating on The Flash Movie, fuck you all. The movie looks incredible

    @flashpointsaber / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @flashpointsaber

    These fans are conflicted but ultimately excited for Michael Keaton's return and Supergirl's introduction.

    @Almondrobopanda / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @Almondrobopanda

    Equally hard to put into words how much of a bummer it is that Michael Keaton is finally back as Batman after 30 years and you can't enjoy that experience without at the very least looking past Ezra Miller's behavior. Keaton deserves so much better.

    @FreddyInSpace / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @FreddyInSpace

    She’s stealing this whole movie. #TheFlash

    @therealsupes / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @therealsupes

    Some fans are saying that Ezra Miller’s continued involvement in films like this points to larger issues within the film industry as a whole.

    almost 3 years of ezra miller constantly getting caught red handed being a violent insane person and some of you immediately forget about all of that because of this... this industry will never improve dawg

    @Bolverk15 / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @Bolverk15

    it's so insane to me that the flash movie is still coming out when ezra miller has several charges against them and yet we still have people talking about how traumatised they were with will smith at the oscars...hollywood is so backwards

    @camis_unicorn / Via Twitter: @camis_unicorn

    Ezra Miller is going to be rehabilitated and rewarded for his atrocious behavior bc Flash will make tons of money. Hollywood...

    @WajahatAli / Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @WajahatAli

    The trailer's release also reignited conversations around the reality of cancel culture.

    Nah cancel culture cannot exist. Ezra Miller was committing crimes against humanity and they still put this movie out 😭😭😭

    @DapoElCapo / Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @DapoElCapo

    I think the fact that Ezra Miller is still in the Flash movie proves that under Capitalism, cancel culture only really exists when it doesn’t hurt a company’s profits too much. Warner Brothers decided that making money was their top priority even if the movie stars an abuser

    @ryancbeard / Via Twitter: @ryancbeard

    #SuperBowl2023 really y’all going to show Ezra Miller. The guy who….know what nvm y’all just pick and choose who to cancel 🙄.

    @uwantapieceofB / Via Twitter: @uwantapieceofB

    You can check out the trailer for yourself below:

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros / Via

    What do you think? Will you see The Flash when it comes out later this year?