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    "Stranger Things" Season 4 Songs Ranked, And Sorry, "Running Up That Hill" Is #6

    Oh, come on, baby. Oh, come on, darling. Let me RANK these moments for you now.

    Stranger Things Season 4 had some pretty EPIC moments, and most of them were underscored by some pretty iconic songs.

    So I ranked all of the most important musical moments from the whole season because it simply needed to be done. Let's go!


    16. "Travelin' Man" by Ricky Nelson

    15. "Object of My Desire" by Starpoint

    Robin and Steve in a car

    14. "Pass the Dutchie" by Musical Youth

    Argyle wearing a cap and driving a car

    13. "Wipeout" by the Surfaris

    Eleven at a skating rink

    12. "Every Breath You Take" by the Police

    Character sitting at a table looking sad

    11. "California Dreamin'" by the Beach Boys

    Eleven and Will in school

    10. "Up Around the Bend" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Robin, Steve, and Eddie in a vehicle looking at something

    9. "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss

    8. "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor

    7. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by Ella Fitzgerald

    Characters sitting at a dining table

    6. "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" by Kate Bush

    Max in the school hallway with headphones

    5. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Journey

    Steve driving

    Thought he was gonna die.

    Lucas looking sad

    Thought she was gonna die. Then she did. :'(

    Max looking serious

    Wasn't too worried about her dying, but you never know!

    Robin looking serious

    Definitely thought he was gonna die, and hated being right. Whyyyyyyyy :'''(

    Eddie looking serious

    Was too distracted by whatever this outfit was to think he was gonna die. But maybe in the back of my mind.

    Character wearing a hoodie and headband and looking sad

    Felt like they couldn't possibly let her die, but they made it seem like maybe!!

    Erica looking serious

    Did prayer circles with my witch friends to make sure she didn't die. You're welcome.

    Nancy looking serious

    And then Max bravely faces her fate. Like, what a fearless little badass.

    Max standing outside with two other characters

    And then it all crescendos with this final shot of the Creel House and says, "You ready for the finale, bitch?"

    The Creel House

    4. "Master of Puppets," by Metallica

    Eddie playing guitar

    Max is trying to escape the prison in her own mind. Relatable.

    Max in a gloomy setting

    Vecna is looming around every goddamn corner rasping, "Maxiiiiiiiine." So off-putting.

    Vecna at the top of stairs

    Literal shit tons of Demobats are on the move, and they did not come to play — they came to slay. But, like, for real.

    Demobats flying

    Oh good! Jason's here! Just what we needed!

    Jason looking serious

    Run, Erica, run!

    Erica looking serious

    Why not throw a horrifying memory of Billy into the mix? Might as well!

    Billy seen through the window of a door yelling

    But at the end of the day, this scene was ÉPIQUE! And Eddie is an angel and a rock star, and we'll hold him in our hearts till the end of time.

    Eddie playing guitar

    3. "Stranger Things Theme (Orchestral Arrangement)"

    Characters looking up anxiously

    Like Karen Wheeler, who said, "I'd like a larger role in Season 5, plz." And we said, "Yes, Mawmaw! Us too!" (And Holly was also there.)

    Karen and Holly looking through a window

    Erica and Lucas gave each other knowing looks, like, "What if we just peaced? Lol...but, like, what if?"

    Erica and Lucas standing at a window and looking at each other

    These three took a break from PB&J duty, and I'm not sure they asked.

    Steve and others looking out a window

    Dustin got a shot all to himself. Lil' diva.

    A crowd of people, including Dustin, looking up

    Elle was pissed about the flowers. Anything but the flowers.

    Eleven standing ahead of others in a field of flowers

    Mike and Will showed us all that gays and straights really can be friends. Who knew?

    Nancy turned out one last look before the world ends, and Jonathan wondered if he was maybe too high.

    Hopper and Joyce were perfect, and I made no jokes about them because I love them too much.

    Hopper in a cap and plaid shirt and Joyce standing in a field with flowers

    And then we got this shot and all collectively pissed ourselves.

    People in a field with flowers and looking at fire and smoke

    2. "Running Up That Hill Reprise I" by Kate Bush

    No breaths here.

    Max running

    Or here.

    Back view of Max running

    None as she ran up that hill.

    Or when she made a deal with God.

    Max running with her mouth open

    Okay, we can breathe again.

    Four people sitting in a field

    1. "Running Up That Hill Reprise II" by Kate Bush

    Eleven with a nosebleed

    We got to see Eleven pin ol' Vecs to a tree, which was nice.

    Vecna pinned to a tree as Eleven looks on

    And we got to see this Demogorgon show hole. (OMG, I don't know if I can say that, but oops, I did. Hahah.)

    A Demogorgon

    Hopper had a GD sword! (My friends were like, "Where did he get a sWoRd??" And I was like, "From the weapons locker from earlier. God, am I the only one watching this show??")

    Shaven-haired Hopper with a sword

    Steve, host that he is, mixed up a nice Molotov cocktail for Vecna.

    Steve throwing a Molotov cocktail

    And Vecna imbibed.

    Vecna in flames

    Robin said, "Veccy-poo, would you like anotha?"

    And he was like, "Yes ma'am. Moar moar moar!"

    Vecna in flames

    And then Nancy showed us all that she is actually the main character of the show.

    Close-up of Nancy with a weapon

    And no one could disagree. (Except for people in the comments.)

    Nancy firing a weapon

    And Vecna fell out of a window like he was Kristen Johnston in Season 6 of Sex and the City. Bye, girl!

    Vecna in flames falling out of a window

    Wow. What a fun time we had. We gotta give it up to music supervisor Nora Felder this season. She really did an impeccable job from start to finish. We salute you and can't wait for Season 5!

    Did we miss any of your favorite Stranger Things musical moments? Let us know in the comments!