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Retail Workers, Who Was The All-Time WORST Customer You Ever Had To Deal With?

I'd like to speak to *YOUR* manager.

Before I was a full-time writer, I worked maaaaaaaaany a customer service job.

I've worked at a movie theater, a toy store chain, tanning salons, high-end retail stores, a massage studio, gyms, a medical office, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, a deli, and even sold weed vapes to people in California. I've been around.

So I know better than anyone that the expression, "The customer is always right," might be better phrased as, "The customer is often a NIGHTMARE." Can you relate?

Maybe somebody screamed at you when you tried to get them to fill out their very basic and simple medical paperwork because, "My age is none of your goddamn business!!!!!"

Or perhaps, you told a customer 14 times that there were almonds in a croissant, and then they were outraged to find that there were almonds in their croissant, and how could you not tell them?!

Or you could have even gone in to clean a tanning bed, only to find that one of your lovely customers filled the garbage can with their urine.

So I want to hear from all the customer service employees both past and present! Who were your "nightmare customers," and what did they do? (Whatever it was, I'M ON YOUR SIDE!) Let me know in the comments below, or if you'd prefer to keep your story anonymous, you can submit it using this Google Form.

Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!