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Let's Settle This Debate Once And For All— Between These Nepo Babies And Their Parents, Who Is More Famous?

If Kate Hudson is more famous than Goldie Hawn, but Uma Thurman is more famous than Maya Hawke, then what time did the train leave the station... wait.

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Nepo babies. It's not the name of a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon (but I kind of wish it was). They are famous people who got famous because they have famous parents. Got it?

And I'm actually curious (like, for real I am) if you think that the parents or the nepo babies in question are more famous.

gwyneth with a speech bubble that says i think i'm more famous and her mom with a speech bubble that says, lol doll, i invented you

To be clear, you are not voting for who you like better, you are voting for who you legitimately think is more famous.

Does this matter literally at all? No! Is it fun? Sure! Will it distract from the feeling of impending doom? Absolutely! 

Agree or disagree with any of the results? Let me know in the comments!