"Drag Me To The Sea, Daddy" — 24 Of The Best Tweets About Namor In "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"

    "I now agree that we need sex scenes in the MCU."

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiered in theaters this past weekend, and fans are freaking out about how good it is.

    And there's one character in particular that people just can't seem to get enough of: Namor.

    ****SPOILERS AHEAD****

    1. Some fans noted what a great character he is.

    There genuinely is no debate on this, #Namor is a top tier MCU villain. He's right behind Thanos (Infinity War Version) and Killmonger. That's how good he is. His arc was earned, his perspective was understandable and he was SUCH a good villain. Give this man his own movie.

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    2. And how important this kind of onscreen representation really is.

    I don't think Marvel understood the need and desire for a Latino man like Tenoch and a character like Namor after all these years of the MCU. He is turning into our Chadwick.

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    3. A lot of people had jokes jokes jokes.

    As a Mexican/Latino I actually don’t feel represented by the Namor character in the new Black Panther movie because I can’t swim. If Namor was wearing basketball shorts at the beach and only going in knee high into the ocean then I would’ve felt seen.

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    *thanos and his army attacking earth* namor:

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    Has namor looked into the hispanic scholarship fund? Let’s research papa

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    Namor as soon as he reaches the surface world in his solo movie #WakandaForever

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    #wakandaforever wakanda forever spoilers bp2 spoilers black panther spoilers Namor explaining to his people that Shuri NEEDS a special lil outfit to hang out with him

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    Shuri and Namor during that one scene 😂 #BlackPanther

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    But more than anything, the people have been THIRSTING FOR THIS MAN, and who can blame them?!?!?!

    Namor staring down Queen Ramonda


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    The sluttiest thing a man can do is have little wings on his ankles.

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    Would’ve been me after #Namor said let’s burn it together

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    Personally if #Namor asked me to burn the world with him, my immediate response would be medium well or extra crispy? #BlackPanther

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    me waiting for namor to whisk me away to talokan #Wakandaforever

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    Got my #WakandaForever ticket. Going to watch it and support all of #Namor 's crimes😊

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    me every time Tenoch Huerta appears as Namor in Wakanda Forever...

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    Feminism leaving my body when #Namor asked shuri to burn the world with him #BlackPantherWakandaForever

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    me when I realized how strong Namor really was in the scene with M’Baku #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

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    Shuri is better than me cause if EYE were in that cave with Namor’s fine ass looking at me like that I would’ve FOLDED #WakandaForever

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    I actually think it’s pretty cool when a guy protects his home (I’m on PrEP btw)

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    when #namor popped out of the water and showed up in wakanda for the first time #WakandaForever

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    Reed is definitely losing his wife to Namor #BlackPanther

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    Namor fell in love after Shuri beat him up. He went home and painted a mural in her honor. I like men who are into being bullied by the women they like

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    me disguising myself as a vibranium detector so Namor will wreck me

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    I now agree that we need sex scenes in the MCU https://t.co/V11dS6Rmvb

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    What were your favorite Namor moments in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Let us know in the comments!