People Are Obsessed With This AI Image Generator — Here Are The Wildest Creations

    It will make literally anything you want.

    DALL·E Mini is an online AI model that creates images from any prompt you can think of. Stemming from OpenAI's primary Dall·E tool, which is being developed into Dall·E 2, the mini version blew up over the weekend, with users from all over the world sharing their BeAuTiFuL creations, like this stunning Dall·E work "Waffle House in Mordor."

    Tried to get #dalle to put a Waffle House in Mordor but the only effect is that the restaurant gets taller.

    Twitter: @JanelleCShane

    "Waffhole." Hehehehehe.

    The more people shared, the more people wanted to try their hand at creating their own unique (and often terrifying) images.

    inspired by the "waffle house in mordor" tweet #dalle #dallemini

    Twitter: @violue

    So I've rounded up 25 of the weirdest, funniest, and most cursed DALL·E Mini images from Twitter for your enjoyment. You're welcome and I'm sorry.

    1. Hang it in the Louvre!

    Dall e mini interpretation of Kermit the frog painted by Munch. @malerlitt #dallemini

    Twitter: @SirJanosFroglez

    2. Squeeeee! Where do I get one??

    "the flying spaghetti monster, realistic photo" generated with #dalle #dalle2

    Twitter: @Dalle2Pics / Via

    3. King Kong had it coming, your honor!

    Twitter: @tylerzanca

    4. If I had to see this, then so do you.

    Lmao I can’t believe how accurate this thing is #dallemini

    Twitter: @twerkforseitan

    5. Cookie Monster was the best part of Burlesque (2010).

    Twitter: @theholliedazzle / Via

    6. Dragons found TREMBLING!

    "Angry cat sitting on a pile of gold in a goblin cave, realistic photograph" made with #dalle #dalle2

    Twitter: @Dalle2Pics

    7. Really taking 2D animation to a whole new level!

    Bugs Bunny through the ages of art generated by Dall-e 2 #dalle #dalle2 Thread (1/?) 🧵 “A still of Bugs Bunny as an ancient cave painting ”

    Twitter: @Dalle2Pics

    8. Makes you miss Reba, doesn't it?

    Twitter: @CecilParsley

    9. There's a REASON it left the Upside Down.

    Twitter: @necrotivert

    10. "Does this Juul make me look cool?"

    Twitter: @coolawesonsnfjf

    11. "OK, how about now? This skateboard working?"

    I finally got this thing to work on my phone and I'm about to lose the run of myself. #dalle

    Twitter: @0edipussy

    12. I mean, who DOESN'T need a Baroque painting of a raccoon queen wearing a crown??

    10/10 NO NOTES. #dalle #dallemini

    Twitter: @violue

    13. Before he busted through walls, he was painted on them.

    @superbunnyhop Kool aid man ancient hieroglyphics #DallE

    Twitter: @DallEMiniTweets

    14. Nosferatu on RuPaul's Drag Race? Slay, henny! Literally!

    no fuck every other dall-e image ive made this one is the best yet

    Twitter: @octowasabi

    15. Got his phone stolen at the Leaky Cauldron.

    Voldemort waiting for his Genius Bar appointment #dalle #dallemini dall-e

    Twitter: @markearlpetty

    16. He fed the masses with just seven buns and a few Filet-O-Fish.

    Some of my best work #dallemini #dalle #JesusChrist #Jesus #McDonalds @LINGUA_IGNOTA_ @McDonalds @FRCdc

    Twitter: @krokodil_rock

    17. I thought he put his scaring ways behind him!!

    back at it again at the DALL•E mini

    Twitter: @dorysief

    18. Aww, he's out of court and found a happy ending :)

    I asked dalle mini to make "a masterful oil painting of Godzilla and Columbo getting married".

    Twitter: @mothcub_

    19. Ah yes, my favorite movie franchise: Wampars.

    A Darth Vader ramen noodles advertisement Prompt: @stooooooooooop4 #dalle

    Twitter: @dallebot

    20. "Man arguing with a cheetah." They're so unreasonable!

    Who's winning and what's the argument about? 🤔 #dalle #dallemini

    Twitter: @Ransu90

    21. Better Homes & Gardens WISHES!

    “Sasquatch mowing the lawn in a 1950s magazine advertisement” made with #dalle #dalle2 Prompt: @knowles_joseph

    Twitter: @Dalle2Pics

    22. Betcha Thing gets her a five-finger discount!

    Morticia shops at Target #dallemini #dalle

    Twitter: @DalleWeird

    23. Wish I'd had this on my Trapper Keeper!

    For everyone who asked for it, here's a Lisa Frank Xenomorph. #dallemini #dalle

    Twitter: @prettypinkpansy

    24. This Joker musical looks wild.

    Minions love JOKER #Minions2 #Minions #Dalle #Dallemini

    Twitter: @DalleMinions

    25. Oh I'm sorry, you wanted to sleep tonight??

    Thread (3/?) “A still of Homer Simpson in The Godfather (1972)” #dalle #dalle2

    Twitter: @Dalle2Pics

    Have you made any DALL·E images of your own? Show us what you made in the comments!