"We All Love Someone Who's Had An Abortion" — Cecily Strong's "SNL" Character Went Viral Over The Weekend, And Every Single Person Should Watch

    "You shouldn't have to pull the convoy across state lines to find a doctor who can provide healthcare for your anatomy without having to call your lawyer first."

    On this week's Saturday Night Live, Cecily Strong stopped by the "Weekend Update" desk as "Tammy the Trucker" with a very important message.

    "It's me, Tammy the trucker. Breaker, breaker, big momma. Over"

    Showing up to comment on the upcoming midterm elections, Tammy/Cecily rolled in to talk about gas prices and "definitely not abortion."

    Cecily Strong on "SNL"

    But as hard as she tries throughout the sketch to only talk about gas prices, she can't help but bring it up.

    Screenshots from "Saturday Night Live"

    Over the summer, the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, which had legalized abortion nationwide. In the time since, access to safe abortions has become almost impossible in some states, and in the worst cases, the medical procedure has been criminalized. And in many states this midterm election, abortion rights are literally right on the ballot.

    "Tammy" drops some pretty big truth bombs as she keeps going.

    "But what will keep disappearing is safe access to abortion"

    The segment feels a lot like one of her performances last year, where she showed up to the "Update" desk as Goober the Clown to offer her take on a woman's right to choose and opened up about having an abortion at 23 years old.

    Screenshots from "Saturday Night Live"

    Many people were quick to praise Strong for her candor and for using her platform to talk about such a real and present issue.

    Thank you Cecily Strong for using your platform (again) to destigmatize #abortion. And mad respect to @RBraceySherman & @AbortionStories - your work is transformative and making a true cultural impact. Everyone loves somebody who's had abortions. https://t.co/jRzvBlPD5i

    @dr_moayedi / NBC / Via Twitter: @dr_moayedi

    It was surreal to wake up and hear fellow abortion storyteller Cecily Strong say “we all love someone who had an abortion” on @SNL last night. Everyone loves someone who has abortions. Vote like it. https://t.co/50eMBl0h3n

    @RBraceySherman / NBC

    I don't always love SNL but my GOD do I love Cecily Strong. She is wildly underrated and a complete force. https://t.co/1VuSBkMG0v

    @everywherist / NBC / Via Twitter: @everywhereist

    Yes Cecily Strong! ♥️ Use your big mother-truckin radio. #snl

    @KristenDybala / Via Twitter: @KristenDybala
    @katsterevin / NBC / Via Twitter: @katsterevin

    Cicely Strong said something serious and true on her SNL sketch tonight: gas prices and inflation (worldwide) will NOT change if Republicans win, but women’s lives will be f*cked forever.

    @Brasilmagic / Via Twitter: @Brasilmagic

    Towards the end of the bit, she admits to sometimes feeling powerless, and not always knowing how to best use her platform to make others feel better. But there is one thing she is certain will help:

    "Vote! And I hope to hell everyone votes"

    There is so much at stake this election, and it's crucial that everyone gets out there and makes sure their voice is heard.

    "You shouldn't have to pull the convoy across state lines to find a doctor who can provide healthcare for your anatomy without having to call your lawyer first"

    So, thank you to Cecily for using your "big giant radio" to bring attention to such important issues, and urging everyone to do their part.

    You can watch the full segment here.

    Editor’s Note: If you're not sure if you're registered to vote, or if you want more information on how to vote in the upcoming election, you can visit vote411.org for more information.

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