The "Parks & Rec" Reunion On "SNL" This Week Was As Hysterical As It Was Heartwarming — Like, I Am Not OK!

    This weekend, I learned that the Parks & Rec group chat is still fully functional and so are my tear ducts.

    We are living in the age of Aubrey Plaza supremacy, and in her continued quest for total world domination, she hosted SNL this weekend and crushed, OBVIOUSLY.

    Aubrey Plaza smiles as she stands in front of the audience during her SNL intro monologue

    Literally everything she did on Saturday night was perfection. From the M3GAN parody...

    Aubrey and SNL cast member Chloe Fineman dancing as M3GAN in a club the nonsensical Avatar: The Way of Water sketch...

    Cast members dressed as Na'vi as they standing around bubbling volcanic-like opening

    ...and, of course, the dueling femme fatales with the femme fatale-iest of them all, miss Sharon Stone.

    Aubrey pointing a gun as she stands next to Sharon Stone in an office

    But there was one part of the evening that stood head and shoulders above the rest, and that is when Aubrey reprised the role of her Parks & Recreation character, April Ludgate, on Weekend Update.

    She was there to talk about getting involved in local government, but if you recall, April wasn't always the best employee...

    But if April showing up wasn't enough to make you say, "GOD I miss this show so much!!!!" then you'll definitely have ~feelings~ when you see that MF'ing Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) crashed the party!

    Seeing Aubrey and Amy embodying these characters again made me seriously emotional and had me feeling like, "It's never too early for a reboot!!!!"

    There were plenty of jokes poking fun at the fact that Amy Poehler had worked on SNL for years prior to her Parks & Rec fame.

    Amy says "I used to watch [Weekend Update] when Seth Myers did it by himself with no else"

    Leslie even took Colin Jost's chair and told some jokes of her own, serving up a double helping of nostalgia.

    Amy saying "this bus service was expanded to include puppies thanks to civil rights activist Rosa Barks"

    The whole night felt like an Aubrey/Amy friendship fest, and I was here for all of it. Like when Amy showed up during Aubrey's "studio tour" monologue.

    And even during the end of show bows, where Amy looked at her former costar with the eyes of a proud mom.

    I love knowing they are friends both on set and off. In a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Aubrey revealed that Amy was there with her the day she decided to go blonde and that the Parks & Rec group chat is alive and well.

    When she and former costar Adam Scott got nominated for Golden Globes this year, she said, "It was so heartwarming because everybody texted. ... It's like a family."

    Honestly, this onscreen reunion has added at least 10 years to my life, and I hope that some network executive is out there taking notes and getting some kind of Parks reunion in the works.

    If you want to watch the clip for yourself, you can find it here.