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    These 2013 Red Carpet Pics Have Me Laughhhhinggg, Like What In God's Name Were We Doing With Our Fashions???

    I'd appreciate someone telling me the next time an entire decade FLIES BY so I'm not so caught off guard.

    It's kind of hard to believe that we are in the year 2023.

    It's ever harder to believe that 2013 was a DECADE ago.

    So I thought it would be fun to look back at some old red carpet photos from 2013, almost like looking through an old high school year book.

    Let's see what everyone was up to.

    1. 2013 was peak Miley's tongue era.

    miley and katy perry

    2. And also she had this hair??? Lmaoooo.

    miley on the red carpet with short spiky hair

    3. Katy Perry wore this grill, which was a choice...

    closeup of katy with a grill

    4. A fresh-faced Justin Bieber wrote a book?? News to me.

    justin holding his book

    5. Zendaya and Bella Thorne were just little kiddies.

    zendaya and bella hugging

    6. And Zendaya was on Dancing with the Stars if you remember that!

    zendaya being dipped by her dance partner on the red carpet

    7. Her now-boyfriend Tommy Holland was fresh out of the womb.

    tom holding an award on the red carpet

    8. And Emma Stone was rocking BBB (big blonde bangs).

    closeup of emma

    9. The Game of Thrones cast was looking absolutely precious.

    closeup of the cast

    10. As were Miranda Cosgrove and Jeanette McCurdy.

    closeup of the two at an event

    11. Here's the Jenner clan looking almost unrecognizable.

    closeup of kendall, kris, and kylie

    12. One more for good measure, because why not?

    young kendall and kylie

    13. Their sister Kim was deeply pregnant with North.

    pregnant kim on the red carpet

    14. And Britney Spears was brunette which I have ZERO memory of.

    britney and elon

    15. Meghan Markle was just some actor on that one show.

    meghan at an event

    16. And Jeremy Allen White was still 10 years out from The Bear, but was known for Shameless and Movie 43, haha.

    closeup of jeremy

    17. Here's his costar Jimmy Bennett with a bunch of tampons for reasons I hope would be made clear by watching this movie (I will not).

    jimmy with tampons attached to his suit jacket

    18. Here's Anne Hathaway with her Oscar, but more importantly with her pixie cut.

    anne holding up her award

    19. And this is Rihanna all the way back when she was a singer.

    closeup of rihanna with short pixie hair

    20. Mary-Kate and Ashley were still making public appearances together. Really miss this, TBH.

    closeup of the twins

    21. And Pete Davidson and Nick Cannon were hanging out for reasons unknown.

    closeup of the two

    22. Keke Palmer tried her best to make Sprite cool.

    keke wearing sprite merch at an event

    23. Here's Brooklyn Beckham with his mom Victoria who is completely disassociating.

    closeup of victoria with her arms around brooklyn

    24. Demi Lovato had bang (singular).

    demi rocking a side swept bang

    25. And little Timmy Chalamet was knee-high to a grasshopper.

    closeup of timothy

    26. Ariana Grande was young enough to be Galinda's daughter.

    ariana popping her foot out on the red carpet

    27. Lady Gaga had hair like this.

    lady gaga with hair crimped

    28. And rode a horse made out of people.

    lady gaga arriving on the red carpet on a horse made up of people

    29. Austin Butler and Baby V (Vanessa Hudgens) were still an item.

    the two on the red carpet

    30. Fifth Harmony still existed. RIP.

    the group at an event

    31. Peplum had a chokehold on all the girlies, which J. Law was rocking at the Catching Fire premiere.

    jennifer at a movie event

    32. Chris Evans stopped for a selfie with Tilda Swinton because who wouldn't??

    chris taking a selfie with tilda

    33. Amy Poehler posed with her shy daughter, Aubrey Plaza.

    aubrey shying behind amy at an event

    34. Dove Cameron just moments after being born.

    dove on the red carpet

    35. Here's Abigail Breslin, Asa Butterfield, and Hailee Steinfeld on their way to the Kid's Table.

    closeup of the three

    36. Lorde was just getting her sea legs as music's favorite moody girl.

    closeup of lorde

    37. The Pinkett/Smith offspring modeling the height of 2013 fashións.

    jaden and willow at an event

    38. Taylor and Selena busy solidifying their BFF-hood.

    taylor and selena sitting at an event

    39. Harry Styles is seen here wearing a skinny little scarf, which is a federal offense in the year of our lord 2023.

    closeup of harry

    40. And lastly, here's One Direction before they went out of business. We miss you, boys.

    the group posing together at an event