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Stop Everything And Play This Game Of M.A.S.H. To Find Out Which 2000s Crush You're Gonna Marry

Be careful what you choose, or you might end up with 100 kids.

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If you grew up in the '90s/'00s, then you know there was literally nothing in the world that was more fun than having a sleepover and playing M.A.S.H. (which stands for "mansion, apartment, shack, house") with your friends.

The game told your future, letting you know who you were going to marry, how many kids you'd have, what your job would be, what kind of pet you would have, and most famously, if you'd live in a mansion, apartment, shack, or house.

So, I'm bringing you M.A.S.H. for the modern age. This quiz will tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT what your future holds. Are you ready to find out?