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8 Spring Fashion Trends That We Miss

This Spring 2017, we’ve seen plenty of trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s to as far back as the turn of the century spring back to life on the world’s most watched runways. From New York, London, Milan and Paris, we are reminded of beautiful decade-specific pieces that we’ve missed and that we will see more this season. These are the eight best Spring Fashion Trends that make us nostalgic. These are the outfits that that you should be shopping for and wearing right now. 1 — Lace and Embroidery This season is not the first time in recent years that we will be seeing the grandness of embroidery and the ultra feminine feel of lace. Just last season, we’ve seen the rise of embroidery accentuating rich, velvet pieces mostly on overcoats and royal-inspired dresses. This Spring, we are seeing an abundance of the richest textiles, including lace, make their way back to practically the streets of 2017. The pieces at the runways of Naeem Khan and Tadashi Shoji were beautiful reminders of the Romantic Era. Fused with modern taste, these pieces suit modern women of every color, shape, size and height. As you may have already figured out, these rich textiles were showcased differently with a sense of culture, history and modern edge at the runways of Alexander McQueen. Cast with leather accents and worn with metallic jewelry, you can expect no less than Medieval grandeur from this designer. Lace and embroidery simplified, you’ll find these as intricate floral designs on 80s rockstar leather and denim jackets, on fine Fendi bags or, on Gucci platform shoes. 2 — Vintage 50s You bet history’s finest doesn’t stop with lace and embroidery. We’ve seen a major comeback from the 50s as well. We are guessing it started with the dainty ballet sandals with laced up bows in plains and plaids that Miu Miu made an overwhelming hit last season. This Spring, Miu Miu takes us further into the fashion trends of the 50s. Since beach party season is at hand, let’s praise the one-piece bathing suits and the high-waisted bikini bottoms first. It was the swimwear of the 1950s that basically freed the woman’s body from the long, gartered culottes and skirts that used to be worn by women on the beach. Today, that sounds silly but, not when it comes to the 50s style swimwear. When it comes to dresses inspired by this era, the biggest fashion labels had their own takes. Our top picks are Gucci which featured 50s-inspired dresses with a twist of pop, and Dolce and Gabbana which showcased the 50s alongside its inspiring line up of spice, nice and everything colorful collection with mostly Latin feel. The accessories to have include oversized scarves, neon-rimmed sunglasses, floral skull caps, and don’t lose those lace up ballet shoes just yet. 3 — Khakis Going back to a decade earlier, in the 1940s, wartime brought the world’s focus on alliances. Oh, but khaki was the biggest win in fashion during that decade. First, it became the official military uniform. Then, it became the go-to fashion for the men at the time. Soon enough, and surprisingly, women’s fashion followed the utilitarian look — a major turnaround we must say from the extravagant fashion trends of the 1920 and the 1930s. If you agree with Carrie Bradshaw when she said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet,” you should bet on the khaki this season. We’ve seen the khaki sewn into layered dresses but, Sonia Rykiel’s posh take on this post-war staple is on top of our list. Get hold of an off-the-shoulder top and pair it with a loose pair of pants. Put on a buri hat and accent the piece with a leather belt. 4 — Urban Safari Khaki and safari — wouldn’t you think that they are inseparable? Of course, right? Well, you can always take inspiration from Jane of Tarzan when you wear your khaki but, when you combine it with Safari in an urban setting, it’s just screaming sexy. Laid back, elegant and sophisticated like the ladies at the Ralph Lauren fashion show is exactly how we envision stylish women wearing safari-inspired dresses, ensembles and even jeans this season. Learning from RL, we are loving those animal prints this season albeit toned down and only for accent. Get yourself those chunky metallic accessories, including bone-breaking necklaces, buckled belts and hats — loads of it! When you take a look at RL, the offering goes way beyond popular stereotypes of “safari”. Love the colorful satins, tribal-inspired prints, and metallic gold in soft fabrics too. If you want to keep it utilitarian, take a look at Sisley’s offerings for this season. 5 — Bright and Vibrant Pastel is always on the list of Spring Fashion Trends but, the same cannot be said of bright and vibrant colors. This season, get ready to pull on a wonderful splash of colors — yes, we mean as bright as you can: sky blues, reds, oranges, bright greens and yellows. You know what the big secret is? It’s to contrast these vibrant colors with whites and blacks whenever you can. If you’re not sure how, just go have a look at how the women who went gaga over Elvis wore it back in the 60’s. For inspiration, check out how Tory Burch put together her evergreens alongside bright greens and whites. While you’re at it, notice how the white trainers remain in fashion this Spring. Another way to bring in the colors is by accenting your basics with a colorful print which can be as simple as a colorful button or, splash of print for accent. You can also wear them as stripes. If you want to make your wardrobe even more vibrant with a Latin flair, get inspired by the tasteful play of colorful prints and fabrics and go “Tropico Italiano”. There is no one era that rounds up what we’ve seen on D&G but, if it’s color you want, these are the colors that you can get. 6 — Ruffles Whether it is the hems, the sleeves, the collar or, the multiple layers, soft ruffles are giving Spring’s finest fashion pieces a welcome rhythm that has been missing from the tailored pieces that were oh-so prevalent in previous years. Get ready as your wardrobe gets loaded for a sway and a swing as you sashay your way into 2017’s warmest months. Just as the leather, lace and embroidered fabrics were huge in old Europe, ruffles too were a big thing, even for men. So, with the first three garments making a major comeback this season, it’s not surprising that ruffles, too, are everywhere from the Dolce and Gabbana summer dresses, to the cropped tops of Rodarte, and even the knitted pieces from Oscar de la Renta and the gingham, black and white dress seen on Tome. To wear your ruffles with a casual, everyday ease, check out how they did at Altuzarra. If you are looking for edgier style, see how the sheer, ruffled dress was tastefully paired with leather jacket at the Zuhair Murad fashion show. If it’s more old world elegance you want, dig Chanel. 7 — Artistic fashion pieces The extravagant fashion trends of the past few fashion seasons have missed out on the more artistic side of fashion. In Spring 2017, art is exactly what every fashion loving person like you needs to put on. From the kimonos down to the booties, art is very much alive this year. Anna Sui has showcased 60s American culture with vintage pop art all over her pieces. Marc Jacobs had art going on in his collection of thigh-high booties which was so much joyful to behold. The posh, 70s -inspired pieces from Diane von Furstenberg were tastefully accented with florals as well that pretty much will make good hung on a wall too. Our favorite pieces from her collection includes a kimono in nude color that seemed to be hand-painted with flowers from the hips down to the hems. Of course, how can we not mention Gucci. The entire show was all about art! 8 — Checks, plaids and stripes When Victoria Beckham brought back the gingham from about two fashion seasons ago, the entire fashion community was reminded of its casual yet elegant sophistication that can be thought of as the Brit equivalent of America’s utilitarian khaki. This season, the most casual checks, plaids and stripes that you can wear are from the new American label, Miaou. Cropped trousers just replaced the skinnies, Ladies. So, get ready to strut it like a Parisian would — always with flair, that is. Spring Look Book Outfit Ideas CONCLUSION "Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music,” top designer Michael Kors was once quoted as saying. Being fashionable requires a fusion of good taste and a unique, personal style. It takes an attitude that says, “take it or, leave it,” that does not need to be verbalized.

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