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Everything You Need To Remember Before "Nashville" Comes Back

With a funeral, baby daddy drama, a sex tape scandal, a blackmail attempt, a pregnancy confession, 13 years of sobriety out of the window (or into the bushes via vomit), a marriage proposal, and a life-changing car accident, there is a lot to remember about the ABC country music soap Season 1 finale. Refresh your memory here before Season 2 debuts on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

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2. Rayna broke the news to Daphne and Maddie that she was going to the CMAs with Deacon.


Maddie was serving up some serious sass on the side of that OJ and cereal because knew that Deacon is her dad IRL.

15. Maddie was equally upset.


And she used the ultimate declaration to show her mom how angry she was: "Daddy, I want to live with you." But to Teddy, not to her real dad Deacon. I know, it's confusing.

18. Sadly, after staring at a glass of whiskey intensely for a few minutes, the paternity drama led Deacon to break his sobriety after 13 years.

24. This is what Deacon looked like when he finally came to:


But he told Coleman he didn't need "a babysitter" and that he was just going to take a shower to wash the pain away.

26. On the (sort of) upside, the police returned a destroyed chip to Juliette (that once held her sex tape) from her mom's apartment. And immediately afterward, her assistant handed her a letter from her mom.


It explained that she did this to protect Juliette, who deserved a "clean" life.

34. So much fighting, in fact, that it distracted Rayna from seeing a car coming. And she tried to swerve off the road, but the car flipped.

And then it ended. And we've had to wait FOUR MONTHS to find out what happened to Tami Taylor Rayna Jaymes!!!!!!

Brace yourselves for the Season 2 premiere of Nashville, which airs on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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