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The "Twin Peaks" Cast Made A Video Saying There's No Show Without David Lynch

"Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a pie without cherries."

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Just days after David Lynch announced he was leaving the Showtime reboot of his beloved series Twin Peaks, the cast of the original show is rallying behind him with a video saying there can't be a Twin Peaks without him.

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Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a coffee cup, empty; black as midnight on a moonless night. #SaveTwinPeaks

#TwinPeaks without @DAVID_LYNCH is like Cannes without me. #SaveTwinPeaks

Twin Peaks without @DAVID_LYNCH is like pie without a damn fine cup of coffee. #SaveTwinPeaks

#SaveTwinPeaks Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like the solar system with no Sol.

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