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20 Things That Happen At A Pitbull Concert

I went to Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias' concert on Friday at the Prudential Center in Jersey and this is what I learned. Dale!

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1. You will see an entire spectrum of leopard print.

At the opening night of the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias' tour at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, animal prints abounded. Bags, scarves, pants, dresses, manicures... wherever leopard could be put, these fans did. As a NJ native, I can see how it'd be hard to extrapolate if this is Jersey-specific or not, but my guess is that leopard print and Pitbull may go hand in hand all across the world.

(Wow such leopard.)

We had a great time kicking off the #AtlanticoAllAccess Red Carpet in #Newark! Next Stop: #DC #EnriquePitbullTour

Atlantico Rum@AtlanticoRum

We had a great time kicking off the #AtlanticoAllAccess Red Carpet in #Newark! Next Stop: #DC #EnriquePitbullTour

10:12 PM - 12 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. And you will most certainly find some of these hats.

Enrique Igleasias, who opened for Pitbull and also closed the show with him (more on that later), has been wearing his signature A. Kurtz cap for what seems like decades. So, of course, fans followed suit.

3. And a variety of cut-out and mesh tops.

Pitbull & Enrique concert with my wife fo lyfe! #AtlanticoAllAccess #pitbull #enrique #badbeeches


Pitbull & Enrique concert with my wife fo lyfe! #AtlanticoAllAccess #pitbull #enrique #badbeeches

8:17 PM - 12 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite


Because that one part of your stomach might get cold!

4. There will be some seriously big balls.

Jaimie Etkin

Courtesy of Enrique, who closed out his half of the show by dropping massive white balloon balls that read "Sex and Love," the name of his latest album, into the crowd.

5. Of multiple varieties.

Not long after Mr. Woldwide graced the crowd with his presence, there was pelvic thrusting. Oh hai, bulge.

6. You'll also get some history and Spanish lessons!

Before he took the stage, the crowd got a bit of a Wikipedia-like lesson on all things Armando Christian Perez, which translates (as you can see above) to Pitbull. Pitbull's life story included some helpful Spanish annotations, including grandmother (abuela) and father (papI). It did not, however, include the fact that dale roughly translates to "Let's do this," which was unfortunate for a woman near me who thought Pitbull's real name was in "Chip and."


7. And there will be a lot of where-you-come-from pride.

Despite the first two lines of his bio, which note that Pitbull was born in Miami and is of Cuban descent, there were tons of Puerto Rican flags waving in the crowd at the Prudential Center. But Pitbull is into international love so all are welcome.

8. There will certainly be no shortage of butts.

Pitbull is clearly an ass man. Above, see Exhibit A, but Exhibit B below really took things to the next level. (Note the upper-right-hand corner.)

9. And there will be dale sunglasses available for purchase!

Show me a human, age not withstanding, who does not need perforated gold aviators with the letters D-A-L-E emblazoned across them?


10. You'll hear some sampling that's not from Pitbull's discography.

To transition between songs, Pitbull said he was "taking [us] back to the '80s" with brief interludes featuring classics like Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine," Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It," and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Later, he took us into the '90s with DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat."

11. And you will witness the effects of "Turn Down for What" firsthand.

Eventually, Pitbull returned to the current century and played a bit of DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What." And this guy WILL TURN DOWN FOR NOTHING AND NO ONE!


16. And you may unfortunately encounter some racism.

Jaimie Etkin

One woman standing near me yelled at Pitbull, who spoke and sang in both English and Spanish throughout the show, "We can't understand what you're saying!" The gentleman behind her followed that up with, "Speak English!" So, I found the people who do not deserve dale glasses.

17. You'll also see Pitbull’s many collaborators, but only on screen.

The crowd seemed hopeful that one of the many artists Pitbull's worked with would make an appearance, but J.Lo, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and Ke$ha only showed up via pre-recorded video. It's OK though. Pitbull and Enrique will not disappoint you!


18. And you will encounter people who did indeed stop the party.

This woman turned down for I'm not sure what. Then she rallied, thanks to her dale glasses and giant Pitbull glow-in-the-dark stick. But it didn't last for long. ¿Qué no pare la fiesta?

19. You will be covered in confetti!

For the finale, Enrique returned to the stage (potentially in a new V-neck) and he and Pitbull performed their 2010 hit "I Like It." Of course, it warranted some celebratory confetti.

If you can still see through the flying paper and smoke machines, you will note the love in the eyes of these two men.