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33 Reasons Why That “Grey’s Anatomy” Break-Up Is A Good Thing

"I should love me." Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Oct. 23 episode.

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1. Sure, Callie and Arizona's initial flirtation was adorable.

2. But Arizona was trepidatious for the wrong reasons from the start.

3. And sure, they had adorable dance parties.

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4. But there were early warnings that the relationship couldn't withstand everything.


5. And sure, Arizona's "good man in the storm" spiel will go down in Grey's history.

6. But she was still questioning Callie's attraction to women.


7. They also didn't agree on one VERY important issue.

8. And then they moved past it for the wrong reasons.

9. But it didn't go away.


10. Callie was also never really behind the move to Africa when Arizona won the Carter Madison grant.


11. And it ruined them (for the second time).

12. Sure, Arizona came back...


13. But she wasn't welcome in Callie's life.

14. And she wouldn't take no for an answer.


15. Even though they weren't together, Arizona was still upset with Callie for what she did when Arizona moved to Africa without her.


16. But they decided to raise a baby together.

17. Even though Arizona was still mad.


18. They were, of course, once again bonded for the wrong reasons after a car crash led to three health scares — Callie's, baby Sofia's, and viewers' during the musical episode.

19. Eventually, they got married, but Callie wasn't really behind it.


20. And yes, they still shared some cute moments.

21. But when Callie cut off Arizona's leg to try to save her life after the plane crash (even though she promised not to), things took another turn.

22. And they never really came back from that.

23. But even though they weren't having sex together, that didn't mean Arizona wasn't.

24. And the leg issue was never going to go away... because it was about more than the leg.

25. Or the baby...


26. Or the marriage.

27. Callie came to realize she was happy on her own.

28. But eventually, they got back together.

29. Even though there was still a lot of anger.

30. They tried to have a fresh start in a new home...

31. But kids and work got in the way again.

32. Kids were always going to be an issue.

33. And finally, Callie remembered again how much happier she was without Arizona.


So, let's look forward to more of this...


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