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    The Cast Of "Greek" Still Hangs Out And It Is Melting Our Hearts

    Cappie, Evan, Rusty, Calvin, and Ashleigh too! <3

    Before there was The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which launched Shailene Woodley's career, or Pretty Little Liars, which has taken over television tweendom, ABC Family had original series success with Greek.

    The series focused on fraternity and sorority students at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University, including Rusty (Jacob Zachar)...

    His best friend Calvin (Paul James)...

    His sister Casey (Spencer Grammer)...

    Her best friend Ashleigh (Amber Stevens)...

    Her boyfriend Evan (Jake McDorman)...

    And the guy who was and still wanted to be her boyfriend, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster).

    Those who follow Foster's Instagram know that he still hangs out with his co-stars, even though the show ended four years ago. Here he is with Zachar.

    And here he is hard at work with McDorman.

    Whose birthday he recently celebrated.

    They also sometimes do other activities.

    And here's Foster with James.

    And with James and Zachar.

    But it got even better when James, Zachar, and McDorman gathered to celebrate Foster's recent 30th birthday.

    And Stevens joined them!

    Seriously, BE CUTER!

    This post has been updated to reflect the correct super-fancy spelling of Ashleigh's name and the fact that Calvin is Rusty's best friend, not roommate. Thanks to the fellow pledges for pointing this out!