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21 Times The Bravermans Got High And It Was A Beautiful Thing

Parenthood knows how to ease the pain.

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1. When, after a school fundraiser, Adam (Peter Krause) put the pot he'd confiscated from his teenage daughter to good use with his wife Kristina (Monica Potter) and siblings Sarah (Lauren Graham), Crosby (Dax Shepard), and Julia (Erika Christensen).

2. But more than appalled, Crosby was intrigued.

3. Very, very intrigued.

4. And even though Adam tried to lay down the law, Kristina dove right in.

5. Until Braverman matriarch Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) totally caught them.

6. Then there was the time Amber (Mae Whitman) got stoned and played mini golf in her Aunt Julia's office.

7. And then when she showed up to have dinner with her mom, Sarah, and was really high.

Which was funny until, you know, the whole car accident that almost killed her.

8. When Adam thought the lollipop his boss had given him was just that...

9. But it was totally not.

Double rainbow, Adam!

10. And he had a really bad case of the munchies.

11. Soon enough, of course, he brought out "The Fever."

12. And then there was the time when Kristina was easing the pain of chemo with some medical marijuana and she had an unexpected visitor...


13. And she tried so hard to keep it together.


14. But then totally gave up.

15. And succumbed to the munchies as well, while explaining how she bribes her son Max (Max Burkholder).

16. And when a much healthier Amber and her brother Drew (Miles Heizer) medicated with some freezer-fresh weed.

17. In the process, they discovered a lot about themselves...

18. And shared deep thoughts...

19. And made business plans...

20. Before heading to a family dinner where they tried to look clean...

21. But adorably struggled to eat asparagus.

Miss you, Bravermans. And may you stayyyyyy forever stoned.

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