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    The 16 Most #OnBrand Things Jace Lacob Has Ever Said


    1. "Let me just run to the loo and then call me in 5."


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    3. "Brill. And I want to splash it."

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    4. "Okay, I am off to make a vegetable soup with homemade gruyere croutons and pretend it's winter."

    5. "I did also manage to make an enormous pot of beef, leek, and barley soup...and am now shredding the short ribs."

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    6. "Ta!"


    7. "It would be amazing to bring [Ollie] to Oxford."

    8. "They can't even stick to proper style."

    9. "What about a gorgeous and lush throw blanket? Or a beautiful tea set? Or an amazing espresso machine?"

    10. "It is perfect for weekend viewing. And then you get obsessed and want to write about self-determinism in Scandal."

    11. "I'm going to be writing about this insane French thriller series that I'm obsessed with and am plowing through. I've watched six of eight episodes in the last three days."


    12. "They also have deep fried brussels sprouts with truffle salt."

    13. "I really want chocolate and I am slightly jittery from having too much tea."

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    14. "British chocs are just so much better than Hershey (ick)."

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    15. "I had toasted coconut the other night with cacao nibs. It was amazing."

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    16. "It's a Belgian liege waffle — it can be eaten at any time of day!"


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